Edwiser RemUI Moodle Theme 4.0 LAUNCHED: Creating Powerfully Fresh, New elearning experiences made Easier & Faster!

Hey Moodler, Happy New Year! Hope you had  an amazing start to the year.


To make it even better, we’re helping you get a brand-new, refreshing Moodle experience with an exciting announcement. Edwiser RemUI 4.0 is finally launched! 

Our new theme is re-designed from scratch, for you to create more modern, beautiful elearning experiences without investing a lot of time & effort. 


The new Edwiser RemUI theme is redesigned, keeping in mind all the challenges with Moodle’s ability to customize e-learning experiences, so you can be prepared and ready to give your students a memorable, personalized learning experience without all the hard work. 


The new Edwiser RemUI 4.0 lets you enable a vibrant e-learning environment supported by a Modern looking UI with Simple, Clean and Professional Design. Helping you appeal to modern- day learners, effortlessly capture their interest and shape their educational journey assuring a beneficial long-term impact remains our #1 goal this new year!


Here’s what’s new in Edwiser RemUI 4.0 for brilliantly engaging e-learning experiences for your students.

#1 Stunningly powerful dashboard

The new dashboard is re-designed to give complete visibility to your Moodle to help you stay and your learners super productive. You can easily achieve your desired e-learning outcomes with easy, at-a-glance access to all the advanced quick progress stat blocks such as Course Progress, Course Completion, Course Overview and so on.

#2 A beautiful and smooth login experience

Designing a login page in Moodle should be easier and more effective than merely making it pretty to look at. To ensure a super-smooth on-boarding process, the newly revamped login page in Edwiser RemUI 4.0 is designed to make learning quick and easily accessible for learners. 

There are three beautiful layout options to help you design a simple yet frictionless on-boarding process without overwhelming your students. 

#3 A highly personalized Moodle design in minutes, achieved in real-time

No coding or CSS skills? No time to design & add fine distinctions to your Moodle’s look & feel? No problem! You can easily build captivating Moodle layouts in minutes using the visual personalizer. It helps you explore quick & more intuitive ways to make your Moodle beautiful.


The tool lets you edit, add and preview personalized refinements to your LMS in terms of color, font, text & more, in real-time and that too in much less time. 


All your customizations are in one place for you to preview on the go and can be done in just a few minutes. 

#4 First introduction made easier & memorable with attractive ready-made homepage designs

Most students have short attention spans. The majority of them also don’t bother scrolling through numerous pages to find the details they require regarding your courses. If they find what they require on the homepage, great. Otherwise, they’ll probably use the dreaded “Close Tab” button almost instantly!


So, for a refreshing learner experience, our new and improved theme packs 4 brand-new stunningly intuitive homepage design templates that can be easily imported to get started quickly. You can find the one that’s right for your needs and your elearning brand. 


Edwiser RemUI 4.0 has new Moodle templates to satisfy all kinds of learning requirements, be it schools, universities or corporate.

#5 Easy pre-enrollment and improved learning experiences

The Course Enrollment Page has undergone a beautiful makeover to effectively engage your prospective learners with the new course enrollment page.

With strikingly beautiful course cards on the Course Archive Page, you can now showcase your courses to potential students. You can even help your learners find what’s best for them with tags and categories filters.

The amazingly revamped Course page has a custom-designed layout to provide a great learning experience. So, you can elegantly present your courses to simplify decision-making and make the learning journey engaging and worthwhile for your students. 

In addition, you get a gorgeous-looking Course header banner with quick progress indicators and “Resume Course” functionality, Course Stats bar for Teacher and Admins for a quick snapshot showing the top level summary of courses and attractive Course Format designs to help your students get a good understanding of the overall course structure. 

Let’s begin this year with setting important goals for your Moodle LMS that will help you achieve your productivity goals and also make your learner’s educational journey better, with refinished clean and mesmerizing layouts. 


Every year, let’s aim to take elearning in Moodle a notch higher with Edwiser RemUI.


Don’t forget to check out the new and updated demo of Edwiser RemUI to see the theme in full action. Also, the theme is now available to the whole community. So let’s transform your Moodle vision into reality easier and faster. And build an engaging e-learning journey that looks and works exactly as you imagined – or maybe even better 🙂