7 Best Reporting Plugins for Moodle

7 Best Moodle Reporting Plugins for Learning Analytics in 2022

Moodle offers a basic set of reporting features – you can track student activity, participation, and a whole lot more. But when it comes to getting insights on improving your course, you need to deep dive into learning analytics. 

Reporting plugins in Moodle help you get an overview of relevant metrics such as course completion times or student engagement. This data can drive course updates and shoot up learner satisfaction.

This article is a roundup of 7 leading reporting tools for Moodle to get you looking in the right direction in 2022!!

So, let’s find out!

#1 Intelliboard

intelliboard intelligent dashboard 1

Intelliboard is a comprehensive reporting platform that works with the most popular LMSs and not just for Moodle. It offers real-time monitoring, a single dashboard with graphical views of data, and options to configure custom reports.

Intelliboard offers learner as well as admin reports, sends notifications, can track user engagement, learner success rate, and more. Learners can compare their progress against course averages for self-assessment. As a Moodle admin, you can also track teacher activity and performance.

Price – N/A


  • Comprehensive learner, course, teacher reports
  • Role-based reporting
  • Customization options


  • Cost


Intelliboard is by far the most comprehensive solution for LMS reporting but needs serious investment.

Check out Intelliboard

#2 Edwiser ReportsUntitled design

If Moodle reporting is too complicated for you and you’re tired of creating and collating several scattered reports using multiple different Moodle plugins? Edwiser Reports could be your go-to reporting plugin for your Moodle site. It helps you take a well-rounded approach to analytics in Moodle. The graphical representations that the plugin offers are simple to analyze and an absolute gold mine of deep insights into learner engagement and their specific course preferences. 

The plugin also comes with a customizable dashboard that can be easily configured using 13 different multipurpose blocks. With these blocks, it’s way easier to view targeted details that matter by filtering and organizing the information the way you want. 

It not only helps you with efficient reporting in Moodle but also helps you schedule your activities on the site based on crucial learning patterns/trends, keep track of course progress, and accordingly improve the quality of your course content. 

Price – $99


  • Simple to use and customize 
  • Holistic and easy-to-analyze, highly visual graphs 
  • Helps you know popular courses & learner engagement
  • Ready-to-use dashboard blocks for targeted reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Automated report scheduling


  • No Scorm Activity Tracking


The Edwiser Reports plugin is great for those who are looking for a detailed all-in-one reporting solution for their Moodle site and better learner retention. It’s suitable for use across all types and sizes of LMS – schools, colleges, universities, and corporates.

Check out Edwiser Reports

#3 Zoola

Zoola Analytics Dashboard 1 1

Zoola Analytics is a cloud-based reporting and analytics solution for Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems that empowers you to better understand your learners and continuously improve learning programs and related resources.

Zoola has templates for student progress reports, course completion data, login activity, grades, feedback, competency, enrollment, and more. You can set up personalized dashboards for users, to cut off the noise and help focus on what’s important.

Price – N/A


  • 25+ Out-of-the-box templates
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Personalization options


  • Cost
  • Customer support could be better


Zoola is a go-to reporting platform for enterprises with customizable dashboards and detailed reports

Check out Zoola

#4 LearnerScript


LearnerScript provides learning analytics and reporting tools specifically built for Moodle. It’s open-source and works on-premise. It is responsive, has a one-time purchase fee, and has complete customization.

LearnerScript has dashboards for different user roles – students, teachers, and admin – and offers 80+ ready-to-use reports to help you get started from the word go. With graphical views of data, you can easily perform comparative analysis and get learning insights quickly.

Price – $2450


  • Built for Moodle
  • Easy to customize
  • Ready-to-use templates


  • Might be complex to use


LearnerScript is a Moodle reporting plugin that can prove valuable for small to medium-scale Moodle LMSs.

Check out LearnerScript

#5 My Feedback

1.My feedback v2.7 overview 1

A free plugin, My Feedback lets students get an overview of their grades and view feedback on assignments. It’s a simple plugin that’s aimed to improve student learning by helping them understand areas of improvement.

Along with students, teachers, admins, and personal tutors can see student feedback reports on Moodle or Turnitin assignments, workshops, quizzes, and can grade items in the Gradebook. 

Price – Free


  • Simple feedback reporting
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • Limited capability


My Feedback is a single-view Moodle reporting plugin that can be a great addition to help students review their grades and performances

Check out My Feedback

#6 Courses Usage Statistics

chartprint 1

A Moodle course usage reporting plugin, Course Usage Statistics purely measures how courses are being used by students and teachers. It helps admins quickly understand if the course is used as a forum, for activities, or as a repository. This information can be used to improve training strategies and lead to better outcomes.

Course Usage Statistics is a free plugin in the Moodle repository and offers focused reporting features such as Quiz, Chat, Lesson, Wiki, among others.

Price – Free


  • Simple functionality
  • Free


  • Limited reporting


Course Usage Statistics is a plugin that can be used if you have a very specific need to track how courses are being used.

Checkout Course Usage Statistics

#7 Overview Statistics

userlogins 1

A plugin that is recently growing in popularity, Overview Statistics offers several course reports on Moodle. The plugin is coded with the latest techniques and with the addition of a module can be used to show graphical reports.

Overview Statistics is available on the Moodle repository and its code is open for evaluation on Git.

Price – Free


  • Free
  • Developer friendly


  • Complex to use and customize
  • Limited reporting

Check out Overview Statistics

Final Word

When it comes to improving training and bettering learner engagement, reporting can’t be ignored. Along with Moodle’s reporting features, you can make use of either one or a combination of several plugins to meet your needs. Platforms like Edwiser Reports, Zoola or Intelliboard offer a one-stop solution for corporates or enterprise LMSs.

Is there any particular reporting challenge you want to overcome? Are there any LMS reporting tools you like? We’d want to know.


It depends on your reporting needs! There are two options for you based on your budget as well as requirements. You could use Configurable Reports – the in-house, free Moodle block to create custom reports in Moodle. 

For deeper insights and to simplify your Moodle reporting process, you could even opt for a paid plugin like Edwiser Reports Pro. It helps you easily create both custom and ready-made reports without any SQL knowledge. 

In Core Moodle:

Activity Completion –  This is a way for teachers to track the progress of their learners in the course by marking a particular activity complete. The activity can also be marked auto-completed if the set criteria are met such as submitting an assignment, opening a resource, etc.

Activity completion has to be enabled by the Admin. Course settings can be tweaked, completion criteria can be set by Teachers. You can also enable your students to track their progress and manage their time for the courses they are enrolled in. There are two types of checkboxes to help your students: dotted and solid.

The dotted boxes get automatically checked when a student satisfies a certain condition, such as completing a quiz. Whereas the solid boxes can be ticked manually by students to update that they have completed the activity.

Tracking Learner Progress Simplified in Moodle reporting:

With Edwiser Reports Pro, you can get detailed course progress reports as teachers or managers to understand how your students are moving ahead through a course and analyze major roadblocks.

To encourage proactive learning. The plugin also comes with a dedicated dashboard for your learners to understand their progress in their enrolled courses. It also gives them the ability to track time spent on the course to ensure they take ownership of their e-learning tasks within their courses.

In core Moodle:

As a manager, teacher, or non-editing teacher, you can use the Participation Report to understand the overall participation of learners in a particular activity.
Different participation reports can be generated such as:
– Generate a list of who has participated in a given activity, and how many times
– The report can be filtered by role, group, and action (View or Post)
– You can notify individuals or groups of students (e.g. those who have not participated) via messages

With a dedicated, specialized Moodle reporting plugin:

The Student engagement report in Edwiser Reports Pro provides you with Dashboard (For teachers and managers) to understand engagement on their LMS, course, and activities at a much deeper level.

The time tracking feature helps you critically analyze the time spent on every activity inside a course. This can help you understand which activities are time taking. And identify the key problem areas or pain points of students, in case they’re facing issues with course completion.

The user report shows the currently logged-in user’s grades for the course they’ve enrolled in. It gives you all the information available in the Overview Report such as a breakdown of the grades for each assessment in the course, the overall grade for the course, teacher feedback for each grade, etc. 

You can include other additional items too. This report can be viewed by the default roles of manager, teacher, non-editing teacher, and student  

Edwiser Reports Pro provides a grade report to teachers and managers which gives them a percentage-wise split-up or summary of how many users have grades in between 0-20% then 20-40%, 40-60%, and so on.

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    What plug-in allows for the teacher to have a marker dashboard where all submissions are noted, and direct links take the teacher to the submission page? We used to use NED Marker, but apparently it has not been updated, and doesn’t work anymore.

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