The best Mobile responsive Theme for Moodle™ – Edwiser RemUI

The Best Mobile Responsive Theme for Moodle - Edwiser RemUI

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Research says, “64% of learners find accessing their training content from a mobile device essential”.

Mobile learning is taking over the training space by storm. Students are gravitating towards mobile as their preferred device to access learning content. With the number of mobile users growing year on year, you can’t avoid making your Moodle™ website responsive.

But how do you go about doing the same? Can a responsive theme for Moodle be the solution? Let’s find out.

Making Your Moodle™ Website Responsive

With over 70% of web traffic coming from mobile devices and with Google using responsiveness as a ranking signal, your Moodle website needs to show well on popular mobile devices.

If you miss out, you might lose potential students and existing ones who might drop off due to poor user experience. You might find it difficult to grow your e-learning business. 

But making your Moodle website responsive isn’t as difficult as it seems. It could be as simple as using a responsive theme.

Edwiser RemUI – the Leading Responsive Theme for Moodle 

Over the years, the Moodle UI has evolved quite a bit. And to complement the improvements in the interface, several new themes have emerged.

Edwiser RemUI is one such responsive theme for Moodle that’s always been innovative and contemporary. It’s unique layouts and interactions have made it stand out in the Moodle space. The reason for its growing popularity is that it offers a one-of-a-kind user experience. Every layout is mobile-ready as it easily adapts to leading portable devices or browser screen sizes.

What Makes Edwiser RemUI Responsive

#1 Designed for mobile

Edwiser RemUI has been built to display seamlessly across different devices. It’s minimalistic designs such as the Profile page – make it easy to view on all screen sizes. 

#2 Responsive architecture

The theme is based on Bootstrap – a widely popular CSS framework that’s mobile-friendly. Bootstrap makes sure elements and sections are displayed well when the screen is resized without breaking the user experience.

#3 Easy reading on smaller screens

Features such as the distraction-free mode, collapsible sidebars make it easy for students to read course content on smaller screens. Such mobile-friendly features make Edwiser RemUI a stand-out responsive theme on Moodle, that’s a step ahead its contemporaries.

#4 Personalization for different devices

Not only is Edwiser RemUI built for mobile devices, but the theme can also be customized too if needed. With a homepage builder that helps you build a responsive front page, has an option to add custom CSS, and more – you can personalize the theme for Moodle for different screen sizes you’re looking to support.

#5 Responsive course formats

Features Edwiser RemUI provides, such as Course Formats are also designed to be adaptive on different screens and devices.

screenshot 2020.01.02 14 29 33

screenshot 2020.01.02 14 31 15

Images 1 and 2 – ‘My courses’ page in Moodle (Edwiser RemUI Theme);
Desktop and Mobile view respectively

screenshot 2020.01.02 14 32 55

screenshot 2020.01.02 14 33 27

Images 3 and 4 – A sample course’ page with Edwiser List Course Format in Moodle (Edwiser RemUI Theme);
Desktop and Mobile view respectively

How to Test for Responsiveness 

To check if a theme for Moodle is responsive, you will need to test it across different mobile devices. The best way is to check out the demo. For example, Edwiser RemUI’s demo can be checked on a desktop, laptop, and mobile to see how the layouts will appear across these different screens. An online service can also be used to test for responsiveness. 

Moving Ahead

As responsiveness or mobile-friendliness isn’t optional anymore, the best way forward is to use a theme for Moodle that supports the same. Out of the many themes out there, Edwiser RemUI offers a wholesome learning experience.

What are your thoughts about the theme? Do you think it can help you tackle your mobile learning needs? Let us know.

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