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Get the Best WordPress based e-Commerce Solution for your Moodle LMS

Wouldn’t you like it if you could automate the process of selling your courses? Doing so would save you a lot of time, which you could then invest in your course content as well as marketing.

We’ve made it possible with Edwiser Bundle, an e-commerce solution for your Moodle. Now you can sell Moodle courses online, seamlessly and hassle-free.

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    6 reasons why Edwiser Bundle is a must-have!

    Digital Shopfront to Sell Courses!

    Reach out to a larger audience. Sell your Moodle Courses Online Easily, with this e-commerce solution for your Moodle.

    Multiple Payment Options

    Make it easier for your students to enroll in your courses. Accept Payments Online Seamlessly, for a higher rate of enrollment.

    Resource Saving

    Go the efficient way! Save up on the extra personnel for student enrollments. Automatically enroll users to courses, upon successful payment.

    Effortless Student User Management

    Experience a hassle-free user management system, with this WordPress based e-commerce solution for your Moodle. Set up custom user redirections and user roles seamlessly.

    Complete Data Control

    Leave behind all your worries. Be in total control by storing all your user data at your end.

    Easy Access to Courses

    Make it easier for your students to learn. Help them focus better, by ensuring easy access to their courses.

    In a Nutshell

    Edwiser Bundle, as a WordPress based e-commerce solution, makes it possible for you to sell your Moodle courses easily.

    This e-commerce solution for your Moodle is comprised of the following plugins – WooCommerce Integration, Single Sign-On, Selective Synchronization, and Bulk Purchase plugins.

    Edwiser Bundle is all that you need, for an automated and seamless e-commerce experience on your Moodle.

    What our Customers say

    ``I would absolutely recommend the Edwiser Bridge Bundle! The ease of use makes life so much easier.``

    I was using a different solution for our Moodle/WordPress integration but it wasn’t flexible and the support was awful The usability of the Edwiser Bridge Bundle meant I had more control and the support has been fantastic.
    The Edwiser Bridge Bundle has made administration easier because of the ease of use. It’s cut down the amount of time spent managing enrolment of learners.
    I love the fact I can manually enrol learners at a click of a button from WordPress.

    Dave Newgass, Managing Director/Owner,
    Wise Global Training

      Try the demo to learn how it works

      On successful form submission, you will receive an email containing your custom Trial URL.

      We are creating free trial for you. It will take around 2-3 minutes.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which Edwiser plugins are part of this solution?

      Edwiser Bridge extensions of WooCommerce Integration, Single Sign-On, Bulk Purchase & Selective Synchronization are part of this Automated eCommerce solution.

      I have already purchased a Edwiser Bridge extension, can I get a discount here?

      The bundle is already priced at a substantial discount, sorry to say, we won’t be able to give you more discount. But you could purchase other Edwiser Bridge extensions individually and it should work for you.

      I want to swap a Edwiser Bridge extension with this product?

      No, the items included cannot be swapped out for other extensions.

      Do the plugin support WordPress Multisite environment?

      No, the plugin is not supported in WordPress Multisite environment. However, Multiple individual WordPress sites (not Multisite WordPress) can be connected to One Moodle site.

      Do I need to install or configure WordPress?

      Yes, you need to install WordPress in order to create an automated eCommerce solution around your Moodle site.

      How many payment gateways are compatible with Edwiser Bundle?

      Around 160 payment gateways are compatible with Edwiser Bundle and its extension WooCommerce Integration. All WooCommerce compatible payment gateways are compatible with our solution. Here is a link for more information.

      How to create user account in Moodle while users register to the WordPress site?

      To create and link users on WordPress and Moodle automatically, kindly use Edwiser Bridge’s user profile page. The shortcode that displays the user profile page is [eb_user_account]


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      Thorsten Wessel Datentechnik
      (5/5) Posted Yesterday
      Very dedicated support team. After an incompatibility with another plugin was discovered, the developers made an effort to find and fix the error.
      Eno Otuokon
      (4/5) Posted Yesterday
      Provided Quick solution I had an error show up while trying to upgrade a version of Edwiser Bridge for Moodle, sent an email via Edwiser chat and got a response concerning the error. They indicated it was a code error which was rectified quickly. Thanks for the quick support.
      Linda Ingram
      (5/5) Posted 5 days ago
      Easter discount not being applied Been trying to purchase bundle with 25% Easter discount with no success for last hour. We love this product and support a number of customers with the Edwiser suite of products, but its frustrating when your site is not functioning as it should.
    • Sarang NairWisdmLabs
      Posted 5 days ago

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      The Discount is live on Edwiser Bundle now.

      Thank you.

    • Desafios Educativos
      (5/5) Posted 11 days ago
      Great communication and support! Great communication and support, may take a while for the solution to arrive, but they finally fixed the issue.
      Simon Bakker
      (5/5) Posted 16 days ago
      Excellent Product support Support team is very eager to help and won't stop till the job is done.
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