Edwiser Bundle

Get ALL core Edwiser Bridge Extensions at a Discounted Price!

Edwiser Bundle

We take care of Setting up everything Edwiser on your site

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WordPress Version 4.4.2 up to 5.0.0

Edwiser Bridge Version 1.3.3

WooCommerce Version 2.5.5 up to 3.5.3

Moodle Version 3.0.3 up to 3.6.1

PHP version 5.6 up to 7.2


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Note: The plugins included in the bundle are extensions to Edwiser Bridge (WordPress Moodle Integration) which is available for free on wordpress.org. Edwiser Bridge needs to be activated on your website for the extensions to work.

What's Included

This bundle has all the core extensions of Edwiser Bridge which are must have for setting up an eCommerce store selling Moodle courses through WordPress as the marketing platform:

Support and Updates

Support and updates for all extensions included in this bundle are given for one year from the date of purchase, and will be subject to terms and conditions for product purchases on Edwiser. If you wish to continue getting support and updates after one year, you can renew your license keys at a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased one of these extensions recently, can I get a discount?

The bundle is already priced at a substantial discount, so sorry to say, we won’t be able to give you more discount.

The extension I want is not included, can I make a swap?

No, the items included cannot be swapped out for other extensions.

Are refunds offered on the bundle?

No, bundle purchases cannot be refunded. The purchase of this bundle is guaranteed to provide a substantial value and so is also at a much more significant cost to us. We expect you to fully understand what you are purchasing.