How to build modern, professional-looking Moodle pages FASTER

How to build modern, professional-looking Moodle pages FASTER

Looking to speed up page building and customization in Moodle??

Here’s how you can quickly build Moodle pages and design them the way you want.

The demo importer and the page builder are the missing pieces in your Moodle page creation process.

I know, you already know the usual process of making Moodle pages attractive and professional-looking! 

  • You play with colour combinations
  • Swap out fonts
  • Work on making better course logos and graphics
  • Use interesting course formats 
  • Use visual and interactive elements and more 

But all of this takes time…..a LOT OF TIME. That brings me to the problem statement

The Moodle Page Creation PROBLEM

So, even if you do the above, one thing that you can’t do is completely switch things or change up the layout of your pages.

Different moodlers handle this problem differently.

Experienced ones like to experiment with coding, HTML, and CSS for better styling. Good for them. They’re absolute Moodle genies!!

Some just assign the job to designers and developers. Good for them too, they probably have a lot of money!

Some or.. may I say the MAJORITY of them like to keep things simple yet quick and low effort. They use a theme for Moodle. 

But here comes another problem – Not every theme is equipped with faster page building and customization features. So, evaluate them carefully before you pick one.

If you can’t!!! No worries, help is here….keep reading

How to Build and Design Moodle Pages Superfast

In this article, we’ll go a few notches higher. And make page building in Moodle super-quick and easy for you! Wondering how??

It’s pretty simple – With the Demo Importer and the Page Builder, the new superstar features packed in the updated Edwiser RemUI theme. 

Create Modern-looking Homepages & Course Pages in Minutes

If you don’t want to take the trouble to build and customize pages from scratch. The Demo Importer can help you create Moodle pages that look exactly like the pages on the RemUI demo site. 

To save time and effort, you can effortlessly import the readymade homepage & course page templates of the demo site. This makes getting started in Moodle way easier and way faster!

Steps to importing the homepage

  1. To use the Demo Importer – Navigate to Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > Importer
  1. You can then choose from two sections of templates – one section with Homepage designs and the other with Course page designs.
  1. To Import a homepage simply click on the Preview button available on the template you wish to import. The selected homepage will be previewed and you can then click on the Import button.
  1. Click on “Yes” to finally confirm the import and you’re sorted.

Steps to Importing demo courses 

  1. Click on the Courses tabs under template. Preview the course you wish to import and then click on Import.
  1. After clicking on the Import button you will be automatically redirected to the Moodles Restore course page. Check the backup details and scroll down to click on Continue
  1. Next, you can choose whether the course should be restored as a new course or into an existing course & then click the Continue button
  1. Don’t forget to check the settings such as Select activities, blocks, filters and possibly other items as required & then click on Next
  1. Select/deselect specific items and amend the course name, short name and start date if necessary & click Next
  1. Finally, review everything carefully by clicking on ‘Previous’ if necessary & then click the ‘Perform restore’ button
  1. Click the Continue button to successfully get the demo course imported to your site.

Wasn’t that simple? 🙂 Moving on!

Build & Customize Your Own Moodle Pages Real Quick and Easy

The Page Builder gives you access to 10 custom blocks for building & modifying your Moodle page layouts.

You can even add text, images, or any other available block on your Course archive page or any other page as per your requirement.

Adding custom page blocks using Edwiser RemUI takes only a few minutes. 

Just follow the below steps:

  • Click “Customize this page” button,
  • Click on “Add a Block” button,
  • Click on the block you wis to add
  • By default the block is added to the right side bar simply drag and drop the block on the main page.
  • To edit the block click on live”Open with live customizer”

The Live Customizer helps you tweak page elements in real-time 

So, you not only get to build pages faster but also customize & design them on the go.

Page Builder blocks at a glance:

Here are the custom Moodle blocks you have access to:

1. Pricing, Features (3 Layouts)                2. Contact_us                        3. Grid view 

4. Hero section (2 layouts)                        5. HTML                                 6. Media text (4 Layouts)

7. Meet the Team (2 layouts)

Pricing block  🢃

Features Block (Design 1)  🢃

Features block (Design 2)  🢃

Contact Us block  🢃

Meet the Team block  🢃

Hero Section block  🢃

Image Gallery/Grid view block  🢃

Media Text block  🢃

In a nutshell, it means you have the flexibility to do awesome things like: 

  • Creating an attractive hero section in minutes
  • Displaying your course prices effortlessly
  • Showcasing the top performers, testimonials etc by combining text and images
  • Putting up information about teachers and providing links to their profiles
  • Simplifying navigation by adding images/links in the Grid View based on different use cases
  • Adding images, text, buttons, social icons, etc and more

It’s way snappier, quicker, and extremely low effort! And the best part is – Coding is out of the equation! Woohoo 😀


To end this article on a good note, let me tell you that all these features in Edwiser RemUI are fully compatible with  Moodle 3.11

So, if you’re serious about speeding up your Moodle page building & customization task like a CHARM, think no more. Just update your theme! 

Fun fact- In case, you’re PARANOID and super scared of losing all the content or data if you change your theme. Don’t worry, we’ll offer a free consultation call to help you do this safely.

Ready for the big change??  Check out these features and our updated theme right away. 

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