Edumy Moodle Theme Vs Edwiser RemUI

Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI: Which is the best Moodle™ Theme in 2024?

Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI: Which Moodle™ Theme to Choose in 2024

When you decide to build an eLearning website on Moodle™ LMS, a lot of things depend on which theme you choose. A theme can improve user experience, navigation, and overall aesthetics of your Moodle site so learning becomes enjoyable and more engaging for both students as well as trainers. 

That’s why it’s crucial to choose your Moodle™ theme after proper analysis and due diligence. However, you don’t have to do the work yourself. We’re going to compare two of the best Moodle™ themes for you so you can use the right one to create a great-looking and working Moodle™ LMS.

Theme Checklist mockup

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

Ensure your Moodle theme is visually appealing and offers the best user experience.

  • Evaluate Compatibility
  • Design and UX
  • Accessibility
  • Performance and much more!
Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI - Lead Magnet

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

Edwiser RemUI Theme Overview

Edwiser RemUI is a top quality responsive Moodle theme that was created in order to make Moodle based e-learning websites more modern, intuitive and highly customizable from the user interface point of view. Its main objective is to improve the experience of administrators, teachers and students.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes
  • Extensive customization options using the Live Customizer, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, logos and more without coding
  • Custom drag-and-drop page builder to easily design and configure the Moodle site homepage
  • Demo importer to quickly set up pre-designed homepage templates
  • Integration with Edwiser plugins like Edwiser Bridge for WordPress-Moodle integration and Edwiser Course Formats
  • Optimized navigation and user experience enhancements
  • Compatibility with popular Moodle course formats and third-party plugins
  • Detailed documentation and responsive customer support

Edumy Moodle Theme Overview

Edumy is a premium and highly customizable Moodle theme. It was made with educational establishments in mind as well as those who want to create e-learning websites. It is packed with many features which help businesses and educators deliver more interesting lessons.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Multilingual support for creating courses in different languages, with built-in compatibility for RTL (right-to-left) languages
  • Extensive customization options using the intuitive Theme Settings panel, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, layouts and more without coding
  • 13 pre-designed homepage templates and samples to quickly set up your Moodle site with a professional look and feel
  • Drag-and-drop page builder with over 80 custom blocks for easily creating and customizing site pages and course content
  • Convenient dashboard for learners to access courses, track progress, and manage their profile
  • Advanced course catalog and filter system to help learners discover and enroll in courses
  • Integration with popular Moodle plugins and add-ons for extending site functionality
  • Detailed documentation and responsive customer support

Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI Comparison

Both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy are two of the most popular Moodle™ themes available in the market. With their robust functionality and ease of use, both of them have made a good reputation for themselves. Edwiser RemUI has been developed by Edwiser, while Edumy has been developed by Cocoon, both of which are well-known companies in the Moodle™ development ecosystem.

So how do these themes stack up against each other? To find out the answer we’re going to compare them based on seven different criteria. Here we go:

Theme Checklist mockup

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

Ensure your Moodle theme is visually appealing and offers the best user experience.

  • Evaluate Compatibility
  • Design and UX
  • Accessibility
  • Performance and much more!
Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI - Lead Magnet

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

#1. Layout and UI

Both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy are truly modern Moodle™ themes with amazing layouts and UI features that allow you to set up your desired Moodle™ site in minutes. With features like the demo importer, custom blocks, and multiple layouts for both the homepage and course pages they provide you with ample functionality to create the eLearning site of your dreams! 

Here are some common layout and UI features that are included in both of them:

  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • Multiple course page layouts
  • Demo importer
  • Page Builder
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) supporting layouts
  • Focus mode
  • Drag and drop form builder

However, each theme also includes unique features that differentiate it from the others. In order to figure out which theme has a better layout and UI functionality it’s important to take a look at those unique features too. 

Layout and UI: Edwiser RemUI 

The uniqueness of Edwiser RemUI’s design and layout is clearly visible in its dashboards. The theme has beautiful dashboard pages for students, teachers, managers, admins — everyone!

Edwiser RemUI student dashboard

Edwiser RemUI student dashboard

Different dashboards for different user roles make reviewing your work and progress much simpler. As you can see in the student dashboard above, it provides a quick overview of how many courses a student has enrolled in, how many have been completed, how many activities have been completed by the student, and how many are remaining. Similarly, teachers and administrators can also track overall student performance and the most popular courses from their dashboards. 

These help everyone make quick decisions about what they need to do to improve the learning experience. The intuitive & highly functional dashboard, therefore can be a great asset to your LMS.

However, the intuitiveness of this theme’s UI doesn’t end there. There are many other amazing layouts and UI features too, including:

  1. 7 Homepage layouts
  2. 6 Course page layouts
  3. Dedicated dashboards for all users with 10 exclusive custom RemUI blocks for adding more capabilities to the dashboard (The admin can decide which blocks to give access to in the dashboard to specific user roles)
  4. Disabled-friendly design (includes voice-over functionality for various text elements and features). Also works perfectly with screen reading tools such as ChromeVox Classic extension. 
  5. Drag and drop page builder
  6. Full-width and narrow-width layouts.

The theme also has a sleek header and footer design that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your Moodle™ site but also makes searching for courses and navigating to the pages far easier. 

Header and footer design of Edwiser RemUI

Header and footer design of Edwiser RemUI

All these things make Edwiser RemUI a Moodle™ theme that’s the closest thing to perfection in terms of UI and layout. 

Layout and UI: Edumy theme

Like Edwiser RemUI, the dashboard of Edumy Moodle theme is also quite aesthetically designed and shows all the information that a student may be looking for upon login — the courses he/she has completed, courses in progress, notifications, profile views, etc. But it doesn’t provide a quick summary of all the courses and activities in a statistical manner as Edwiser RemUI does (i.e. 4 courses enrolled, 6 courses completed, etc). 

Edumy Moodle Theme student dashboard

Edumy student dashboard

Nevertheless, it still looks like a dashboard from where you can easily jump to any section of your profile. And besides this dashboard Edumy moodle theme too has some other unique features which include:

  1. 17 Homepage layouts 
  2. 6 Course page layouts
  3. 7 Blog page layouts
  4. 4 Login page layouts
  5. An in-built maintenance page
  6. Night-learning mode.
The various blog page layouts of Edumy Moodle theme

The various blog page layouts of Edumy

These features have been added to the theme over the course of its existence after receiving constant feedback from users. As a result, some of them are really useful (i.e. night mode, maintenance page, etc.) for various purposes. 

#2. Navigation

As we explained in the layout and UI part, the sleek header and footer of the Edwiser RemUI theme make searching for courses and finding other content on the site (i.e. chats, notifications, etc.) much easier. 

However, finding courses and navigating to other pages is not the only part of an eLearning site’s navigation functionality. The real test of an eLearning site’s navigation exists in the navigation inside course pages, which is used to jump back and forth between various lessons and exercises. 

Fortunately, both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy Moodle theme have done a good job in this department too. The navigation panels included in the Course pages of these premium Moodle™ themes help a lot with that. Here’s how the navigation panel looks on the course pages of Edwiser RemUI:

Course navigation panel in Edwiser RemUI

Course navigation panel in Edwiser RemUI

The All Courses page of the theme also provides features to quickly find the course you’re looking for by filtering on the basis of different criteria and different view options. For admin, there’s also a floating quick menu at the bottom that can be used to quickly open the Edwiser RemUI settings or perform a number of other actions (i.e. creating a new course, viewing the user list, etc). 

All Courses page of Edumy moodle theme

All Courses page of Edumy

Edumy also has a course navigation menu on every course page that allows users to jump between different sections of the course. However, unlike Edwiser RemUI Edumy doesn’t include it above the fold. Instead, it’s found only when you scroll down a little. 

Edumy moodle theme course content

However, when it comes to the All Courses page, Edumy does a better job by providing 3 different layout options, as you can see below:

All Courses page layouts of Edumy moodle theme

All Courses page layouts of Edumy

This can allow you to choose the All Courses listing page layout of your choice. Filtering and sorting options are also available just like they are in Edwiser RemUI. All these things can make finding the courses easier for your learners in the process.

#3. Customization capabilities

A modern Moodle™ theme should have solid customization capabilities to help site owners differentiate the design and feel of their eLearning website from other eLearning sites using Moodle™. 

Developers of both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy kept this requirement in mind and built a set of amazing customization features into their premium Moodle™ themes.

Both themes include the following customization capabilities:
  • Real-time customizer (i.e. Visual Personalizer in Edwiser RemUI and Live Customizer in Edumy)
  • Custom blocks and plugins to customize the UI
  • Custom dashboard design
  • Custom form builder
  • Custom color schemes
  • Custom font support
  • Custom CSS and JS support

While these features are more than enough to build a fully-customized Moodle™ site with UI and functionality that you want, there’s more. In both themes, there are many unique features too that can give you different types of customization capabilities. You can check those features in the subsections below.

Customization features: Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI settings allow you to customize almost every part of your Moodle™ website — from color scheme to dashboard to course pages to user profiles. All these features are organized neatly in the Edwiser RemUI Settings section, as you can see below.

The customization settings of Edwiser RemUI

The customization settings of Edwiser RemUI

The most extensive set of customization settings among these tabs is reserved for the General and Footer tabs, which allows you to do almost anything with help of a custom color scheme and HTML. If you know your way around CSS and HTML, the customization possibilities are endless in those two areas. 

However, even if you don’t know those things you still have plenty of customization options to play with. You’ll discover that as you navigate between the various tabs in Edwiser RemUI settings. Also, there’s a drag-and-drop visual personalizer included in the theme that allows you to edit and customize almost any element of your Moodle pages in real time. Using it you can build truly personalized web pages from scratch that are in line with your requirements. You can also preview your changes before they go live on-site.

Edwiser RemUI Visual Personalizer  

Edwiser RemUI Visual Personalizer  

As far as comparison with Edumy is concerned, the theme has some unique customization features hidden in the closet. They include:

  1. More customization blocks (150+ instead of 100+ in Edumy)
  2. Fully customizable login page with the ability to change the colors as well as layout and position of login form as per your preferences (Edumy’s login pages can be customized according to 4 pre-designed templates only)
  3. Customizable My Courses page. 

Having said that, now let’s take a look at the customization features of Edumy. 

Customization Features: Edumy Moodle Theme

Edumy’s customization settings are not as exhaustive as Edwiser RemUI, but it still provides all the necessary customization features that you may need. It’s just that it doesn’t have as many customization blocks and a couple of other things (i.e. custom color palette for login page) that Edwiser RemUI has. 

But that doesn’t mean its customization features are not powerful enough to help you create the Moodle™ site of your needs! Here’s what its Settings page looks like:

Edumy Moodle theme settings

Besides these basic settings there’s also a Live Customizer in Edumy that works like a page builder to customize the various elements already added to a pre-designed layout. It works well for quickly changing the content and appearance of various blocks added to a page template, but unlike Edwiser’s Visual Personalizer, it can’t be used to build your pages from scratch. Here’s what it looks like:

Edumy Live Customizer

Edumy Live Customizer

Its live customizer is simple to use and divided into multiple sections that you can expand or collapse depending on which part of the page you want to customize. It’s quite clutter-free, as you can see. 

Finally, the theme also allows you to add custom CSS and JS, as you can see below:

Custom CSS settings in Edumy

Custom CSS settings in Edumy

Overall we can say that while both Edumy and Edwiser RemUI provide customization capabilities, the latter has an upper hand in this department over the former. But that doesn’t render the former useless either. 

#4. Responsiveness

Both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy are 100% responsive Moodle™ themes. Regardless of which theme you choose, your learners won’t face any difficulty in their learning experience because of the device they’re using. 

That is because both these Moodle™ templates are not only fully responsive but also tested on the most high-end displays available in the market today. For example, Edwiser RemUI has been tested in an iMac 5k resolution Retina display and the results have been quite impressive. Same goes for Edumy too.

#5. Compatibility

Both Edwiser RemUI and Edumy are compatible with the latest versions of Moodle™ (i.e. version 3.7 – 4.4). However, Edwiser RemUI has been in existence for a longer period so it’s compatible with Moodle™ versions older than 3.7 as well. It can work flawlessly with Moodle™ 3.0 – Moodle™ 3.7 too. However, support and updates are not provided for older versions of Moodle as Moodle itself doesn’t provide any kind of assistance or support for its unstable versions. The same is true for Edumy too.

Edumy, on the other hand, is a new theme so it works only with Moodle™ versions newer than 3.7. But since no one is using those legacy versions of Moodle™ till now, Edwiser RemUI’s support of older Moodle™ versions makes little difference and we can put both themes on par as far as Moodle™ version compatibility is concerned.

Both themes also support Right-to-Left (RTL) languages such as Arabic, Urdu, and Persian. Finally, both of them also support a wide range of popular 3rd party Moodle™ plugins. 

In a nutshell, there’s no difference in both themes when it comes to compatibility. 

#6. Reliability and Support

The reliability of a theme depends upon how easy it is to find a solution when you get stuck somewhere. And fortunately, it’s quite easy with both these premium Moodle™ themes because of their extensive documentation and a solid community of customers who use them. 

The reliable support team is also available from the developers of both themes to help you with your queries, and user reviews for both themes say that people received the support that they wanted from developers promptly when they encountered an issue. 

#7. Pricing

Pricing is the area where both these Moodle™ templates give head-on competition to each other. Both themes are priced at $69 per year, so no matter which one you choose, it puts a hole of the same size in your pocket. 

However, when you choose Edwiser RemUI you get 1-year support with your theme while Edumy comes with only 6 months of support. If you want full-year support with Edumy, it will cost an extra $33. 

Edwiser RemUI also has a lifetime license option at the cost of $207, while Edumy doesn’t provide any such option. 

Theme Checklist mockup

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

Ensure your Moodle theme is visually appealing and offers the best user experience.

  • Evaluate Compatibility
  • Design and UX
  • Accessibility
  • Performance and much more!
Edumy Moodle Theme vs Edwiser RemUI - Lead Magnet

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Moodle Theme

Final Verdict: Which one to choose?

In the end, we can say that both Edwiser RemUI as well as Edumy provide the ultimate Moodle™ website experience to everyone involved in building or using it. Both of them are highly customizable, user-friendly, easy to set up, responsive, and compatible. Both of them are also quite reliable, thanks to their detailed documentation and responsive support team. 

Edwiser RemUI
Price $69 per year $99 per year
Customer support 12 months No Support 😟
Lifetime free license $207 Not available
Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Yes No (There is a Live customizer though that works like a page builder)
Demo importer Yes Yes
Custom blocks 150+ 100+
Homepage layouts 7 17
Course page layouts 6 6
All Courses page Single Layout 3 layouts
Customizable login page Yes (Fully customizable) Yes (multiple layouts only)
Customizable My Course page Yes No
Responsive Yes Yes
Retina-ready Yes Yes
Drag and Drop form builder Yes Yes
Custom dashboard Yes Yes
Custom JS and CSS support Yes Yes
RTL support Yes Yes
Moodle™ versions supported 3.0 – 4.4 3.7 – 4.4
Disabled-friendly features Yes No
Dark mode Yes No
Focus mode Yes  Yes

Of course, some differences between both give one theme an upper edge over the other in certain areas, but none of them are deal breakers by default. Whether they are suitable for you or not would depend on your needs. The price is also the same. 

Therefore, to get a better idea of which theme will work best for you, we’d suggest that you try out both these Moodle™ templates before choosing the right one for your LMS. Recently Edwiser RemUI underwent a major UI update giving the theme a significant visual upgrade, making it even better than it has ever been. You can check out the latest Edwiser RemUI demo here. 

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