Highlights of Moodle Moot India, 2017!

Here’s a gist of all that you missed at Moodle’s First Ever Moot in Mumbai.

We saw eLearning enthusiasts from all over the subcontinent meeting, interacting and dancing with the very creator of Moodle- Martin Dougiamas at Moodle Moot Conference held from 18th-19th December, 2017, at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

These eLearning experts weren’t all fun and no play- there were talks that varied widely from Oncology Training in India to making education accessible to all parts of the country using Moodle.

The A Team

Edwiser was looking forward to an opportunity that expands the horizon of our thought, and to bring in ideas that would help serve the purpose of education in India. Moodle Moot India was undoubtedly the best pot to brew this purposeful soup.

A team of five headed by none other than our beloved CEO, Rohan Thakare, shared their experiences after the Moot. Some of the key ideas that tingled our minds are listed in the next section.

Moodle Moot India

Martin Dougiamas



Challenges in Elementary Education by Tamarind Tree

“Learners should be producers of knowledge and not mere consumers”

With this thought in mind, she talked about the reforms we need in educational practices in the country. She went on to speak about learning in real time, non-linear learning and interdisciplinary learning. Her awakening speech was met with wide applause from the audience.




Oncology Training in India by Dr. Indranil Mallick

“Cancer research is rapidly evolving”

He raised a simple question- ‘Why do we need online training?’ Which he eventually answered that oncology diagnoses and treatments are fairly complex and require a certain degree of precision. With fast evolving cancer research, online training is the best way to have a uniform expansion in all the diagnostic centres in the country.

He further added that any content that goes up about cancer training must have high-quality evidence.

Moodle for International Learning and Visually Impaired Students by Ambuja Salgaonkar

“We’re in an age where technology can be used to overcome all sorts of barriers”

Moodle being flexible as it is, has a plugin called “Accessibility” with features that can be utilized by visually impaired students to maximise their online learning experience.

These features let you read text aloud, use a dictionary to explain a highlighted word or phrase, change the colour scheme of the page or change font size as required.

Moodle for Medical Education by Dr. Viveka & Dr. Sudha

“What if we flip how traditional classrooms function?”

This talk entirely focused on how a flipped classroom scenario would benefit students aspiring to study medicine. They showed results from a previously conducted experiment with reliable statistics and graphs, which proved that flipped classrooms are indeed more productive than traditional classroom settings.

Moodle Tweaks by Nayan Velde

“Moodle has come a long way but this is just the beginning”

The eLearning expert enlightened us with some really helpful Moodle tweaks like how to reload activity completion data after reset, how to reduce time during course completion update, and how to integrate SOLR with Moodle logs.

Chatbot for Moodle by Farhan Karmali

“Machine learning is the answer to saving manual time”

The most interesting talk of the day was about Chatbots in Moodle by Farhan Karmali, a renowned Moodle Developer. He spoke about the various roles a chatbot can assume in Moodle- that of an Academic Counsellor, a Support Personnel, ersonal assistant and as a general doubt resolving entity.

Keynote Speech by Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle

“Let’s be facilitators to education”

A prolific speaker, Martin addressed the Moot Community with his vision to elevate the standards of education worldwide. We were more than inspired as he reinstated the faith we have in the work Edwiser is doing to aid eLearning. It was a suitable beginning to the two eventful days of Moodle Moot India, 2017.


Moodle Moot India



The Moodlers’ Party!

moodle moot india


After all the serious talk rounded up, the Moodlers ate, rejoiced and danced away the night to Bollywood beats. There was cheerful chatter and appreciation all around for the mindful organisation of the whole event.

Moodle Moot India 2017 was officially a success.



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