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Here’s the long due update for Single Sign-On.

The Single Sign-On Extension for Edwiser Bridge makes your work on WordPress and Moodle™ super-easy. You just need to enter your credentials once from either your WordPress account or Moodle account and you will be logged in on both sites at the same time!

SSO (abbreviated), also lets you log out simultaneously from both, WP and Moodle accounts. The Single Sign-On Extension is a smart investment because:

  1. You don’t need to remember multiple passwords.
  2. Logging in and out twice or thrice a day and switching between two accounts can be a time-consuming process, breaking the flow of work. SSO makes account jumping a fairly effortless activity.


In the last update we saw:


User Redirection

You can now choose to redirect a user after log in or log out, to a page of your choice. Go to Edwiser Bridge > Settings > General and enter the URL of the page you want users to be redirected to.

Simultaneous login/logout

As we mentioned above, with SSO you can save time and simultaneously log in or log out from your WordPress and Moodle accounts.



In the latest update you can find:

Role-based Redirection

The page you are redirected to after login/logout will be pre-defined according to your user role in Edwiser Bridge.

Social Media Auto-login

Guess what! Now log in to both your accounts using your Google or Facebook login ID and Password. This update further simplifies your workflow and saves plenty of time and effort into remembering and keeping track of multiple credentials.

If you do not have this extension yet, I am sure after reading how easy SSO makes everything, you would be interested to know more about it!

Head to Single Sign-On page and get this extension for your Edwiser Bridge plugin.


For Single Sign On 1.2 users- Download the Update Now!

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