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Edwiser Page Builder: How It Can Help Different Types of Moodlers

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In many ways, Moodle is the WordPress of the eLearning ecosystem. It’s open source, extensible with plugins and themes, and it allows anyone to get started with an eLearning site for free.

However, in many ways it’s also different from WordPress. One of them is the unavailability of a drag-and-drop Page Builder plugin that can be used to build and customize web pages easily. This complicates the page customization process and dissuades people from choosing Moodle over WordPress.

But that’s going to change now, as we’ve launched the Edwiser Page Builder for the Moodle platform. Let’s take a quick look at how it can help different users.

Legacy Method of Moodle Page Building and Its Issues

If you want to build a Moodle page, that can be quite tricky, depending on the theme you use. Modern themes like Edwiser RemUI come with a Live Customizer to help you build a web page without any coding expertise. 

But that’s not the case for a majority of other themes—they require you to publish a page either with the help of a pre-defined template or with some other sort of content creation functionality that’s not too flexible. You get very limited customization capability, and if you want to change many things in the standard page template of the theme, then it often requires familiarity with coding. 

Finally, even if you know coding, there’s no way for you to preview the changes you’re making to the page template. You must publish your changes to the page before you can see how they appear, and then undo them if you don’t like them. Too much pain, isn’t it?

The Edwiser Page Builder Way and its Advantages

That’s where Edwiser Page Builder can come to your rescue. With its live page preview and no-code functionality, you can design pages from scratch within minutes by dragging and dropping the desired elements directly onto a preview version of your page. You can also see how your page is taking shape in real-time and eliminate the elements that you don’t like while keeping the changes that you like.

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Finally, there are also multiple pre-designed templates with an ever-updating library to help you start building your page easily. 

Having said that, now let’s take a look at how this functionality can benefit different types of Moodle users. 

Who Can Benefit from Edwiser Page Builder?

Now, the thing you may be wondering is… okay, it sounds good, but will I really benefit from this tool? Or am I good with my existing Moodle installation?

So the answer is… if you fall into any of the following roles, you’ll definitely benefit from Edwiser Page Builder. Here’s how it can help you:

#1. Entrepreneurs in The eLearning Space

The first category of Moodlers who can benefit directly from the Edwiser Page Builder plugin are those eLearning entrepreneurs who may be in the process of setting up their site. The tool can save them a ton of time by eliminating the need to refresh the page every time they make a change. They can make all their changes at once and see them in real time to determine whether they look good or not. 

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If they like the changes, they can publish them on the site. Otherwise, they can undo them, and nobody comes to know!

But it doesn’t end there—the tool also eliminates the requirement of having prior coding knowledge to build the site. With Edwiser Page Builder, anyone can start their Moodle site without having to think twice about their coding expertise level. And the pre-designed homepage templates can help them further save time while building a page from scratch!

#2. Site Administrators and Content Managers

The second category of users who can benefit from Edwiser Page Builder are site administrators or managers in charge of updating pages and publishing new content. Till now, Moodle sites require them to have at least some level of coding knowledge in order to make the desired changes to web pages. They are also required to preview the changes individually before publishing them. 

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That changes now with Edwiser Page Builder. Now, site admins and content managers can publish the desired content or make any of their desired changes to the site without writing a single line of code manually. They can also preview all their changes in real time and then publish them at once as per their needs. 

#3. Course Trainers and Instructors

Last but certainly not least, course trainers and instructors can also benefit immensely from Edwiser Page Builder. The tool can help them set up and customize their user profiles as per their preferences. With custom colors, social media icons, and widgets, course trainers can flaunt their personality through their profiles. As it is with other users, they don’t need to have any coding knowledge in order to use the Edwiser Page Builder.


Page Builder functionality has always been a part of the Edwiser RemUI theme—we know this based on the feedback of our customers. And that’s precisely why we decided to make it available for other Moodle users too, who may not necessarily be using our theme. WordPress has long had many page builders, and we can now proudly say that Moodle also has its own. With Edwiser Page Builder, anyone can start building or customizing their Moodle site easily. 

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, and share your thoughts on how we can improve it further. Also, don’t forget to share this post on your social media so other Moodlers can also learn about Edwiser Page Builder. 

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