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Revamped Course Pages, Beautiful New Icons & Much More in RemUI 3.3

If you’ve been following our Newsletter series, you might be aware of the release date we’ve set for Edwiser RemUI 3.3 i.e 13th June 2017.

Well, we are almost ready with the product. A few kinks need ironing and a some last minute optimizations will result in the best Moodle 3.3 theme the world has seen 😉

This blog post will be the last of RemUI 3.3’s launch series articles. *sobs*

Note: Edwiser RemUI 3.3 is up for Pre-Order at a lower price.

Today, I will reveal some of the major makeovers RemUI 3.3 has undergone. Hold onto your seat fellas!

We will discuss about the following: Course Archives, Single Course Pages, Full Screen Mode and the all new Icons Pack.

Course Archives

Course Archives received a clean grid layout, amongst the neat layout lies a bunch of quick action buttons.

These quick action buttons link to frequently used pages as you can see below.

quick actions

There is also a Search Bar and Filter Menu. The filter menu can be used to select different categories. Once chosen, the courses inside these categories are shown on the archive page.

There is also a link to Manage Courses, which takes you to a page where you can create new Course Categories, Sub Categories or assign courses those.

Single Course Page

The Single Course page has undergone a major overhaul. This time around, you have a better layout, one that is easy to browse.

The introduction section now has a gorgeous backdrop with distinguished icons for each activity of the course such as Syllabus, Help Forum etc. Now with the Dash Slider & revamped Sidebar, there is a lot more space for the course to display.

single course page

Full Screen Mode

In the past, we had advertised RemUI as a distraction-free theme. This was mainly because of the collapsible sidebars built into the theme.

With this version, we are going a step further, in RemUI 3.3, we have introduced Full Screen Mode.

Full Screen mode enables you to hide nearly every distraction on the screen. Everything unrelated to your current website is hidden from the view.

full screen mode

Brand New Icons

Bored with the same old dull icons of Moodle? RemUI 3.3 has brand new set of icons designed specifically for Moodle 3.3. Our design team prepared these icons from scratch. Apart from these, the rest of the icons are from Font Awesome.

The latest icons and a description of those have been listed in this cheat sheet below.

remui 3.3 icon pack

What Now?

As I said before, this will be the last of our Edwiser RemUI 3.3 launch series articles. Worry not though, we will be back soon with a lot more content on Moodle 3.3 and everything else e-learning.

4 thoughts on “Revamped Course Pages, Beautiful New Icons & Much More in RemUI 3.3”

  1. Laurent Labidi-heuzé


    Can i use remui 3.3 with my moodle 3.2.3 ? and if not, is there some upgrade for my version 3.2 of Remui ?


    1. Anoop Sudhakaran

      Hello Laurent,

      Yes, RemUI 3.3 is the update to your version of RemUI 3.2.

      RemUI 3.3 is only compatible with Moodle 3.3. So before you upgrade to RemUI 3.3, you need to upgrade your Moodle to version 3.3.

    1. Anoop Sudhakaran


      Moodle doesn’t give support for uploading custom icons from the Dashboard. You would have to access your Moodle backend via FTP and replace the icons with your icon pack.

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