Moodle™ LMS Made Simpler

Moodle™ LMS Made Simpler: Plugins for a Better Moodle™ Experience

We’re excited about this, are you?? 👀

Introducing the best Moodle™ plugins that unlock the best of Moodle™and help you establish an efficient e-learning business too in the long run.

Also, a better Moodle™ means a better & simpler experience for your learners, and a better experience means a better life – For you as well as your students!!

These plugins will not only make sure that your Moodle™ site looks modern & professional but also effortlessly simplify crucial e-learning tasks such as reporting, grading, form creation, etc. that matter a great deal when it comes to creating a well-managed Moodle™ e-learning business.

Wondering HOW??

Here are the Moodle™ plugins, that’ll help you achieve this:

Edwiser RemUI – Making Moodle™ Look Good and Professional

This is a premium. easy-to-use Moodle™ theme that’s just what you need to make your LMS look good. With its ready-made templates, a Homepage builder a live customizer, custom Moodle™ blocks (page builder), a customizable Moodle™ login page, and much more; the theme makes designing a professional, modern-looking LMS a hassle-free experience.

👇👇👇👇 Check how Edwiser RemUI beautifully upgrades user experience in the below slider. Take a look at how the Homepage, Dashboard, Course Archive Page, Course Page, and Profile Page transform (Click on the individual tabs below). The slider option (click+ drag left/right the yellow button) will help you see the BEFORE RemUI and the AFTER RemUI images of different Moodle™ pages right here 👇👇👇👇

Moodle transformation at your fingertips
  • Homepage
  • Dashboard
  • Course archive
  • Course page
  • Profile page
Moodle Without RemUI
Moodle With RemUI

Slide to experience
the change

Moodle Without RemUI
Moodle With RemUI

Slide to experience
the change

Moodle Without RemUI
Moodle With RemUI

Slide to experience
the change

Moodle Without RemUI
Moodle With RemUI

Slide to experience
the change

Moodle Without RemUI
Moodle With RemUI

Slide to experience
the change

Edwiser Bridge PRO – Selling courses globally like a pro

To make the most of your courses and to generate additional recurring income, you could sell them on your e-commerce store.

Edwiser Bridge PRO takes the headache and hassle out of user administration, course selling on WordPress, and overall management of the platform. It’s a consolidated bundle of 5 plugins for Moodle™ e-commerce, which also includes the base plugin of Edwiser Bridge (FREE) that helps you effortlessly connect Moodle™ with WordPress.

The other extensions are as follows:

  • WooCommerce Integration: Integrates Moodle™ with WooCommerce to help you sell your courses via 160+ payment gateways on a fully automated WordPress-based WooCommerce store
  • Bulk Purchase: Helps you sell a bundle of multiple courses or multiple copies of the same course in bulk to elearning academies or training institutes
  • Selective Synchronization: Enables you to priortize the selling of a select few courses or your best-performing Moodle™ courses and specifically synchronize them with your WordPress site/online course store (primary course-selling site)
  • Single Sign-On: Helps you unlock both Moodle™ and WordPress by giving an option to enter login credentials only once on WordPress, to simultaneously sign-in to Moodle or vice versa

Edwiser Forms PRO – Creating forms without coding

You can now easily create different types of forms in Moodle™ without writing a single line of code with the Edwiser Forms Pro plugin.

It’s the ideal forms solution for you to build simpler yet drag-and-drop multipurpose forms in minutes. You can pick and choose from the already available form templates or you could build custom forms from scratch. The best part is that this no-code from solution can also be used outside Moodle™.

There’s more….Wait up! Here’s a quick Protip for you:

The Edwiser Bundle is a holistic kit that offers all the 7 plugins above along with 4 more plugins specially designed for a smooth and simple Moodle™ experience. This Moodle™ e-learning business kit consisting of a total of 10 powerful plugins is available now at just $307

Here are the additional must-haves (also included in the kit)

  • Edwiser RapidGrader – For quick and easy grading of quizzes
  • Edwiser Reports (FREE) – An intuitive, all-in-one Moodle™ reporting solution
  • Edwiser Course Formats (FREE) – A Moodle™ plugin to make your courses look even more attractive and engaging
  • Edwiser Site Monitor (FREE) – A handy plugin to help you easily keep a track of the key performance indicators of your Moodle™ site

And now since you know the right set of Moodle™ plugins you should have in your Moodle™ toolkit. It’s time to get started, set up a smooth-functioning Moodle™ e-learning business, and unlock the best LMS experience.

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