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Edwiser RemUI Updated! Move toward an Enhanced Moodle Experience.

For a smooth update experience, please refer to the update guide at the end of this article. 🙂

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

– Elon Musk

Feedback. The very fuel Edwiser runs on.

Over the years, Edwiser has come out with the likes of Edwiser Bridge that integrated WordPress and Moodle, and Edwiser RemUI – The Best User-Centric Moodle theme out there.

In the entire development process, we’ve improvised and upgraded throughout, thanks to your consistent feedback.

Recently, we introduced Edwiser RemUI Course Format Plugin in Edwiser RemUI 3.5.2 and 3.4.4. There were some issues faced by our patrons.

Thanks to this open feedback system, we analyzed and fixed these bugs. Furthermore, we also took enough suggestions from our users, and have introduced a few improvements.

Let’s take you through these.

Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin Improved

  • Smart Toggle

Smart Toggle


One of our patrons Steve Radford expressed to us how he would like it if Edwiser RemUI remembers the status of topics as collapsed/expanded between sessions. Our team took it into consideration and implemented it.

Now, you won’t have to consciously change the toggles every time between sessions.

  • Format Text in Section Name and Description

In this version, we’ve added an option to format the text in section name and description, in Edwiser RemUI List Format.

Now you can carry out text formatting like bold, italic, and so on.

  • Hide Teacher Name from Course

Usually, the teacher’s name is displayed in the general section of List Course Format.

In this update, we’ve given an option for you to add/remove teacher name from the display.

One of the things this will ensure is teacher anonymity. Students will take up the course without being conscious of the teacher.

  • Display All sections in one page itself

You can now display all your sections in one single page.

The activities are also listed under the corresponding sections.

  • Delete Activities in Card Format

The option to delete an activity was missing in the Edwiser RemUI Card Format.

We have fixed this bug in this update.

  • Seamless Text Now in Section Summary

In the previous versions of Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin, the text in section summary was getting concatenated.

We’ve now added a limit of 100 characters, which can further be increased as per requirement.

And guess what? We’ve made the whole “For you, By you” concept even easier! Now you can share your feedback regarding Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin. Also, you can track the status of your suggestions.

All of this, in one place. Trello Board!  

Moving on, there have been considerable improvements and a few fixes overall, in the Edwiser RemUI Theme as well.

Edwiser RemUI Theme Enhanced

Edwiser RemUI


  • Common Configurations for Dashboard

You, as an Admin, can now set a common dashboard configuration for all your users.

  • A Refined CSS Interface

Alignment of text has been corrected in Upload Window. Alignment of tick marks improved in Quizzes.

  • Hassle-free Video Playback in Courses

The cursor was getting stuck to the seek bar.

When cursor was moved around on the page, it was consequently changing the position of the seek cursor on the seek bar.

This issue has been fixed in this update.

  • Resize Option for the Text Editor

You can now resize the text editor according to your requirement.

  • Sort Courses according to your default listing style

‘None’ option for Course Sorting has been introduced again.

When set to ‘None’, the Courses will be sorted according to Admin’s default listing style.

  • ‘Create Course’ Shortcut for  Course Creators

Course Creator user role will now have a “Create Course” button on the left Sidebar.

This will ensure ease of course creation for course creators.

  • Enroll Students on Course Archives Page

Teachers can now enroll students from the course archives page, by clicking on the gear icon on the course.

  • Scope of Displaying Longer Course names

We’ve added a new functionality on the left sidebar in the ‘My Courses’ tab.

If the course name is long enough, it’ll be displayed on a tooltip when you hover your mouse over it.

  • Display Username Column across Scrolls

The Username Column in gradebook was not fixed.

After one full horizontal scroll, the username column would not be visible. This caused problems in data analysis, tallying and comparing with the username.

In this update, we’ve frozen the Username Column to the left side of the screen.

As a result, you can now view the Username column on the left, irrespective of the horizontal scrolling.

Over to You

This journey has been a beautiful one. One of the realizations, feedback and most importantly: UPGRADE.

We plan to build further on this and get better, with every update in the times to come. Like mentioned above, we’ve come up with a Trello Board for Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin. We’re on course to do the same for Edwiser RemUI Theme as well.

Steps to install the new version of Edwiser RemUI 3.4.5 and RemUI 3.5.3

1) Login to Edwiser
2) Head to “My Account
3) Click on “View details and downloads” associated with RemUI Purchase
On the new page, you will find the link to Download RemUI 3.4.5 and RemUI 3.5.3
4) Extract the main zip file and you will find 3 more zip files in it.(This contains three files one is for Edwiser RemUI theme files, second is Edwiser RemUI Block plugin and third is Edwiser RemUI Course Format plugin. )
5) Head to your Moodle website
6) Go to “Plugins”
7) IMPORTANT – Uninstall Edwiser RemUI Block Plugin;

8) Click on “Install Plugins”
9) You need install all the 3 files one by one to successfully update your theme to the latest version.

If you are installing the plugins using FTP then extracted zip file of
Edwiser RemUI theme will go to moodle directory/theme/;
Edwiser RemUI Block plugin will go to moodle directory/blocks/ &
Edwiser RemUI Course Format plugin will go to moodle directory/course/format/

We always love to hear from you! 🙂

Feel free to drop your feedback, suggestions, and queries in the comments section below. We’re also available on mail at [email protected].

Until next time, the usual. Keep Moodling with Edwiser RemUI. 🙂

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