Edwiser RemUI vs. Moove Moodle Theme: Which Moodle Theme To Choose in 2023

Building a Moodle site depends on a lot of factors, and one of the most important ones among them is the theme that you choose. The theme is responsible for the overall aesthetics and user experience of your Moodle site, and depending on what it offers, it can make everything boring or more engaging for learners as well as instructors. 

That’s why it is crucial to choose your Moodle theme after careful consideration. However, you don’t need to get worked up about that, as we are going to compare two of the most popular Moodle themes for you. The themes, namely Edwiser RemUI and Moove, are quite popular in the Moodle ecosystem, and our comparison will help you to choose the right one among them as per your requirements. 

Edwiser RemUI vs. Moove Moodle Theme Comparison

Each Moodle theme should be compared on a set of 7 different criteria to determine whether or not it’s useful for your site. We’ll compare both Edwiser RemUI as well as Moove on the same criteria. Let’s get started::  

#1. Layout and UI 

Layout and UI are very important when we are choosing a theme to build our site. The UI – or user interface, as it’s known – is how your site looks and feels to the visitors. Layouts, on the other hand, define how content is organized on your site. Let’s see how both themes perform in this area: 

User Interface 

Edwiser RemUI and Moove both have a polished and aesthetically modern feel in their UI. However, as you look deeper into all the pages, it becomes clear that Edwiser RemUIr s carries the same polished look and feel to every page in comparison to Moove, whose internal pages are, in some instances, not as well-designed as the homepage. 

Yet, Moove manages to keep the whole eLearning environment well-organized and intuitive for its learners and educators. 


Edwiser RemUI demo

Edwiser RemUI comes with a whole lot of demos, but Moove comes only with a single pre-built demo. These demos can be imported in a few clicks using the demo importers that are offered by both of the themes. 

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Moove theme Demo 

Number of Layouts 

Building a new layout from scratch cannot be done in a few minutes – it’s a rather time-consuming task. That’s why pre-designed layouts exist, as they allow you to save considerable time when starting your Moodle site. Therefore, the number of layouts provided by a theme should also be taken into account while comparing two themes. 

So here are the number of layouts offered by Edwiser RemUI and Moove: 

Edwiser RemUI
  • 7 homepage layouts 
  • 6 course page layouts 
  • Single course enrollment page layout 
  • Single course index page 
  • Single login page layout.
  • Single homepage layout 
  • Single course page layout 
  • Single course enrollment page layout 
  • Single course index page 
  • Single login page layout.

As you can see, Edwiser RemUI offers more layouts in comparison to the Moove theme. Overall we can say that Edwiser RemUI has an edge over Moove when it comes to layout and UI. 

#2. Navigation

The whole learning experience of an e-Learning site is affected by the learner’s ability to navigate the site. If a site is difficult to navigate, it can make learning tedious, and therefore no one will bother to learn from it. Therefore, it’s important for each Moodle theme to have proper Navigation inside courses as well as features to Jump between courses. 

Here’s how Edwiser RemUI and Moove fair on this criterion:

Navigation Inside Courses 

Navigation inside the course is an important aspect of a theme that allows any learner to switch to any particular module, assignment, activity, or assessment inside a specific course. Edwiser RemUI comes with a sidebar menu that helps you to navigate to any part of the course quickly, making life easier for the students as well as instructors. 


Course navigation panel in Edwiser RemUI

Moove theme also provides a similar navigation panel in the left sidebar that allows you to access all the modules a particular course has to offer. From there, you just have to click on your desired module, and voila, it will open for you. 

Couse navigation bar in Moove

Jumping Between Courses 

Your eLearning site should also allow users to navigate between various courses you’re offering. Edwiser RemUI offers filters and other features, including a search bar, to make this sort of navigation easier for your visitors. Your visitors can filter them based on categories or sort them in alphabetical order. 

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All Courses page of Edwiser RemUI

The features don’t just end there. You can have a grid view, list view, or summary view of the courses from the options in the filter bar, thus further easing your search. 

Moove, on the other hand, has no such all-courses page. The home page incorporates all the courses provided in the form of tiles. From there, you can click on your desired course and start learning. Now, this may be a bit problematic if you have a large number of courses on offer.

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Home page of Moove 

#3. Customization Capabilities 

After navigation and UI, the customization capabilities of your theme also play a major role in defining how your site looks. The following aspects determine the customization capabilities of your chosen theme: 

  • Live Customizer 
  • Customization blocks 
  • Login page customization 
  • Custom CSS and JS support 
  • Color scheme and fonts.

So, let’s see how both these themes perform on these criteria: 

Live Customizer

The drag-and-drop live customizer offered by Edwiser RemUI, also known as Visual Personalizer, helps you build a web page from scratch in no time. You just need to drag and drop the required elements from a sidebar into the body of the page, and you can see in real-time how your page will look once published. This means that even a non-coder can build impressive web pages without any hassle with this theme. 

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Edwiser RemUI Visual Personalizer 

However, with Moove, you get no such feature. If you have to customize something in Moove, you have to know your way around CSS and other coding skills. 

Customization Blocks 

The customization blocks are used in page builders, and they determine the extent of your freedom in designing and customizing your web pages. Edwiser RemUI takes good note of that by providing more than 150 custom blocks that can be used through the Visual Personaliser to build a site as per your preferences. 

Moove, on the other hand, has no page builder, so there is no need for customization blocks as well in its functionality. 

Login Page Customization 

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The customizable login page of Edwiser RemUI 

There is only one login page layout offered by both Edwiser RemUI and Moove. However, you can completely change the appearance and look of your login page in Edwiser RemUI with the help of the Login Page Customizer offered in the theme. 

Talking about Moove, it has an Adaptive login page that adapts itself based on its content. Also, Moove generally offers only one column, but if you have provided login instructions or some kind of OAuth login buttons, you get to see two columns. But beyond that, there’s nothing to let you change the appearance of your login page in this theme. 

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The login page of Moove 

Even though Moove has a modern touch to its login page, the large variety of customization options present in Edwiser RemUI makes it the winner. 

Custom CSS and JS Support 

Edwiser RemUI allows every kind of customization from its site settings with custom CSS and JS support. If you properly know how to use them, there are lots of customization possibilities. 

Moove theme also allows its user to add custom CSS to customize any aspect of their site’s design. However, unlike Edwiser RemUI, Moove lacks custom JS support.

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The CSS support of Moove 

So once again, Edwiser RemUI has a slight upper hand.  

Custom Color Schemes and Fonts

Custom color schemes and fonts are a great plus point for the people who opt for Edwiser RemUI, as they can customize the site-wide color scheme to change the final appearance of their Moodle site. 

However, with Moove, you can only switch between light and dark themes, and that’s it. You don’t get to play too much with the colors. 

You get some amazing fonts, however, that come pre-installed with the theme, along with a special type of font for dyslexic people as well. 

#4. Responsiveness 

Edwiser RemUI and Moove are both 100% responsive Moodle themes. So, whichever theme you stick to, your learners are going to have a great time using it on their devices. Both themes have the ability to make your site look wonderful and work effectively on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

#5. Compatibility and Stability

Both the themes, Edwiser RemUI and Moove, are compatible with the latest versions of Moodle, starting from Moodle 3.8 to 4.1+. However, Edwiser RemUI being in the market for a much longer period can work even with Moodle versions that are older than Moodle 3.7. 

But it’s one thing to work and another to work effectively with help available at your disposal in case something goes wrong. Although Edwiser RemUI can work with Moodle versions older than 3.7, we’d advise against it because there is no support and updates provided for the theme installations on such legacy versions of Moodle. Moodle itself doesn’t provide any support for its legacy versions, so it’s not uncommon for theme and plugin developers to do the same. 

Also, as pretty much no one uses the legacy versions of Moodle now, Edwiser RemUI supporting the older versions does not have much impact. Therefore, both themes are practically on par with each other in this matter. 

As far as language support is concerned, Edwiser RemUI provides multilingual support as well as support for Right-to-Left languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. Moove, on the other hand, does not have multilingual support, which means that you publish your e-Learning content in only one language (i.e., English). 

Also, Edwiser RemUI and Moove are quite serious about their improvement. So, they release updates every month to fix the lingering issues in their themes. 

 #6. Reliability and Support

Edwiser RemUI has an impeccable track record in reliability and customer support, which is revealed by the positive reviews from its users. If you get stuck while building your site, you can reach their developers by writing, and they usually respond within 2 working days. 

Moove, on the other hand, does not provide much support from their customer service. They only provide a contact form where you put down your details and the problem that you are facing and submit that. It’s not clear how long it takes for them to provide a solution to your problem. 

#7. Pricing

Edwiser RemUI is priced at $99 per year, while Moove is priced at $43 for its yearly package. The price difference also reflects on the features and support that both of the themes offer. Edwiser RemUI offers 12-month support, but Moove offers no additional support on the theme. 

Edwiser RemUI also comes with a lifetime license option at $299, and Moove charges $123 for its lifetime license.

Final Thoughts: Which one to choose?  

In the end, we would like to say that both of the themes, Edwiser RemUI and Moove have their own unique features that provide the best eLearning experience to all the people that are involved in building and using your Moodle site. 

Here’s how both themes compare at a glance:

Criteria Edwiser RemUIMoove 
Price $99$43
Support Provided Yes – 12 months No
Lifetime License Yes – $299Yes – $123
Drag-and-drop page builderYes No 
Demo importer Yes Yes 
Homepage layouts 71
Course page layouts 61
Course enrollment page layouts 11
Course index page layouts 11
Custom dashboard supportYes Yes 
Custom blocks 150+
Customizable login page Yes No
RTL support Yes No
Responsive YesYes 
Custom CSS and JS support Yes CSS – Yes, JS – No
Moodle versions supported 3.0 – 4.1+3.8 – 4.2
Multilingual support Yes No 
Multiple homepage layouts Yes No 
Multiple course page layouts Yes No 

There are some differences that give one of the themes an upper hand in some of the areas, but none among the both are deal breakers as a whole. Their utility to you entirely depends on your needs and requirements. 

So, to get a better understanding of the themes, we’d suggest you take a look at the demo sites provided by the developers of both themes. You can have a look at the latest Edwiser RemUI demo here and the premium Moove theme demo here. 

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