Moodle™ Homepage Customization: The Anatomy of A Good Moodle™ Homepage

Creating and customizing your Moodle™ homepage is somewhat a daunting task!

When it comes to developing an eLearning site, Moodle™ is hands down one of the best platforms for doing that. 

But also, there’s no doubt in the fact that it’s not very user-friendly. Especially not for a new user who doesn’t know any coding.

That’s where Moodle™ themes like Edwiser RemUI come into the picture. 

The good thing about Moodle™ is that it’s highly extensible with the help of 3rd party themes and plugins. And themes like Edwiser RemUI build on that to help you create a stunning  and well-functioning Moodle™ site

Edwiser RemUI comes with 3 pre-designed homepage layouts that can be used to develop 3 different kinds of eLearning projects on Moodle™. What are those layouts and which markets do they cater to? Let’s have a look at it!

The 3 Best Styles/Layouts of Moodle™ homepages

The Edwiser RemUI theme can alter almost every part of your Moodle™ UI from the admin dashboard to the homepage to the login page. 

But for the sake of simplicity, in this article, we shall take a look at homepage layouts only because the homepage is arguably the most important page of your Moodle™ site. 

The attention span of most learners is fickle. And many of them don’t bother to scroll through multiple pages to find out the information they need about your courses. 

If they get what they need on the homepage – well and good. Else they’re most likely to hit that dreaded ‘Close Tab’ button almost instantly!

So, not having a proper Moodle™ homepage with all the necessary information and relevant sections can be very counterproductive for your eLearning initiative. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about learner engagement, right!  

Let’s take a look at the ideal modern homepages made with Edwiser RemUI. We’ll dissect them one by one to help you understand better.

#1. The Corporate Training Moodle™ Homepage

First of all, let’s discuss the most well-designed homepage layout of RemUI. Since it’s a layout for corporate training websites, it has that look and feel which can make it look impressive on such websites. Here are all the sections included in this layout:

  1. Header

First of all, there’s the header, but it’s not your regular header with lots of links and a huge logo. The header of this homepage is very minimalistic, with a couple of links and a logo that shows in full only when the collapsable sidebar on the left is expanded. Once the sidebar is collapsed, the logo becomes square-shaped once again, and two links appear next to it for helping you navigate through the website. There’s also a login button in the header, but that one is on the right-hand side. 

  1. Hero

The hero section of this website is built by combining CSS, a static image, and text. It also includes some design elements in the form of a dotted pattern. The text part is divided into two sections – a description and a heading, parts of which can be highlighted by underlining them in a different color.

  1. Static section with image boxes

After the hero section, there is a static section with image boxes that can be used to display any information of your choice. It’s divided into multiple columns so you can display as much information as you want to by splitting it into smaller bites, and it looks very professional.

  1. Numbers and statistics section

Next, there’s a section to show statistics and numbers related to your business. In this section you can put up important metrics and achievements related to your corporate training program for display. They can be displayed along with icons, so this whole section looks just amazing.

  1. Icons section

There’s also a dedicated section for icons in this layout. This section can be customized as per your needs with images of icons and then you can use it to showcase any qualities or features of your training program.

  1. USP section

This particular homepage layout also includes a USP section where you can explain why your training program is the best one to help your staff members learn what they want to learn for performing their job and discharging their duties.

  1. Course categories

The course categories section included in this homepage allows you to showcase all the categories in which your training programs are available for the learners. It’s basically a grid of images that can be

 linked to different categories of your training program so the visitors can navigate directly and swiftly to the right course category. 

  1. Partnership section

There’s also a section to display your major partners. This section can be used to showcase the logos of companies that have partnered with you because it allows for the insertion of images along with a paragraph of text. So you can also mention a little bit of story about your partners if you want to.

  1. Team section

The team section in this layout is very impressively and uniquely designed, as it allows for easier and better visibility of team members on the homepage. It has been designed in grid format, with one grid mentioning the name and discipline of team members while the next grid displays their image.

  1. Testimonials section

The testimonials section can be used to showcase what your colleagues or students have said about the training programs offered by you. It has been designed in a card format so it looks different yet perfect with the overall design of the whole page. 

  1. Blog posts

The blog posts section of this layout allows you to show your most recent blog posts in a grid layout. They’re shown with an image, a title, a short excerpt of the post and a ‘Read more’ button. Four posts are shown in a row.

  1. Footer

Finally, there’s the footer section divided into multiple columns so you can include your address, menus, and anything else that you want to show in the footer.

#2. University Moodle™ Homepage

It’s well known that corporate customers are not the only users of Moodle™. A lot of universities also rely on it to build their eLearning platforms, and RemUI takes care of their needs as well by providing a homepage layout that can cater to their needs. The University Homepage layout comes with the following sections to take care of all your needs:

  1. Header section

Just like the Corporate layout, the header section of the University homepage layout is also very minimalist. It includes just a logo, a hamburger menu, and a full-screen icon. There’s also a login button in place, so your learners can log in easily.

  1. Hero section

The hero section of this layout is very well designed with large fonts and images, but it doesn’t include a description for the slides. Just a large heading with a button – that’s it! But if you look at the overall appearance, the omission of description seems like a blessing in disguise because it allows for a much more well-designed section and straight-to-the-point messaging.

  1. Course categories

This section allows for showcasing all the categories of courses and programs that you offer at your university. It appears as a part of the Hero section and allows you to display all the categories of courses at your university.

  1. News section

There’s also a news section where you can show what press coverage your university is receiving. This section can be used to show the articles, press releases, or any other media-related information that you want to show.

  1. Campus Life section

The campus life section can be used to display the culture and environment of your university campus. You can include photographs of events, hostels, classrooms, extracurricular activities, and so on. The first block of the section includes a large headline to let people know about what this section is going to talk about, and the next 5 blocks include images related to the same.

  1. Static text section with an image

This simple section with a large image, heading, and text description can be used to explain anything. Nearly two-thirds of this section is an image, and one-third is a text box with a description and heading so you can use it to highlight anything that you feel should be highlighted on the homepage.


  1. Testimonials section

The next in line is a testimonials section with a slightly unique title. The title says “Stories from the successful careers”, but you can use any title of your choice. The section can be used to display the words of praise that you’ve received from your successful students.

  1. Numbers and statistics section

There’s also a section with some special emphasis on numbers in this theme, so you can use it to show some statistics about your university. Numbers help in convincing others, so that can become an important persuading factor in your homepage if used correctly.

  1. Events section

There’s an events section as well to help you highlight all the events that are going on in your university. The section shows the date, title, and a small description of all the upcoming events along with a Read More link which takes you to the page of the event where people can register for it.


  1. Footer

In the end, there’s this footer section with 4 columns to show your navigation menu, university address, social media icons, and any other information that you may want to show there. It looks neatly organized and professionally designed in Black and White so it can go well with the rest of the theme.

#3. School Moodle™ Homepage

Finally, we have the school homepage layout that can be used to set up a school website with Moodle™. Here are the sections included in this layout, and how they help you setup your school’s homepage:

  1. Header

The header part of this homepage is very minimalistic but functional. There is an All Courses link, which upon clicking leads you to a submenu listing all the courses and programs offered by the school, and there’s a login button to allow the students and teachers to login or sign up on the website. No unnecessary clutter. The typography and colors have also been chosen to ensure maximum readability.

  1. Hero section

Just like the header, the hero section of this website also follows a very minimalistic but practical approach. It explains the purpose of school but without any unnecessary animations or sliders or videos. Just a simple image, large enough to cover half of your screen, and a simple heading with a brief description and a button in the other half of the screen. Simple but beautiful.

  1. The “Why” Section

The Why section – which explains the reasons that make your eLearning business a good choice over competitors – has been positioned very strategically in this theme. It’s just below the header section, so people can come to know about the unique benefits of your eLearning school before they leave the website without buying any course. It has been divided into 6 sections so you can fit enough reasons without any difficulty.

  1. About Section

This is a section which explains a bit about the school. Here you can elaborate on the story behind your school, how it started, how is it going, and where you see yourself in the future. All with a beautiful image or graphic that does justice to your website design as well as to your story.

  1. Events section

As the name suggests, this section is for providing information about all the events that you hold. It’s not difficult to hold online events like webinars, zoom sessions, podcasts, etc. through your Moodle™ website with Zoom integration, so it makes sense to include information about these events on your homepage. This section allows you to do that. 

  1. Announcements section

When you’re running a school, no matter whether it’s online or offline, there will be some announcements as well. So there should be a section for announcements too on your website, and it should be in a location that’s visited frequently by everyone. In such a situation, what can be a better location than the homepage? So this homepage design also includes a section for announcements.  

  1. Classes

This section can be used to display the various categories that categorize your classes. To grab the attention of your students, it has been designed with large images and fonts. This makes it beautiful.

  1. Extracurricular activities

This section can be used to show the extracurricular activities that you make your students carry out in addition to academic activities. If you’re an online school also with a physical presence, this can be a very useful section to display the kind of learning and playing environment that you provide to your students.

  1. Teachers section

The teachers and instructors play an important role in any school. So if you can display it on your homepage, it allows you to show how much expertise you have at your school to train and coach the students in different subjects. 

  1. Testimonials section

Lastly, testimonials play an important role in convincing people to buy anything, including membership to your school. So if you want to boost your sign-ups and other conversion metrics, a testimonials section is must to have for your homepage, and this homepage includes it to fulfill that requirement too!

  1. Footer section

Lastly, there’s the footer section. This one doesn’t include much content and it’s up to you to determine how you want to use it and what information you want to display in it. So there are just social media icons included in it and the rest can be customized as per your needs in whatever layout you choose.


So this was a quick overview of the anatomy of 3 different homepage layouts offered by Edwiser RemUI. 

Use any of them to FLEXIBLY build an eLearning website as per your needs, and you can also customize them the way you want.

If you still have any questions about Moodle™ or Edwiser RemUI, feel free to share them in the comments. 

Check out the detailed theme demos from our official webpage.  And if you know of some other great homepage layouts created with Edwiser RemUI layouts, share them with us so others can see the endless design and customization possibilities in Moodle™