Meet Joseph Thibault- Editor and Creator of Moodle News

Meet Joseph Thibault- Editor and Creator of Moodle News
August 16, 2017 Rucha Gotarkar

Creator and Editor of Moodle News, which is the brainchild of Joseph Thibault- is currently working as the Executive Director at StraighterLine. Recently, we got the rare opportunity to have a chat with him and draw inspiration from his multi-tasking, multi-talented personality.


What inspired you to create

I started Moodlenews when I was working for a startup that was providing Moodle hosting to teachers across the US for free. As part of the role, I was researching all about Moodle with a general focus on all things edtech and LMS related. I quickly came to learn that there is just too much happening with Moodle– driven by the community, partners, HQ, and elsewhere– that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

I originally registered Moodlemonthly with the thought of creating a journal, however after posting 15 posts a week and not being able to keep up with all there was to write about I adopted and was off to the races pretty quickly.

Did it have anything to do with your editorial work in high school?

Haha, I see that old bullet from my LinkedIn is still relevant. I guess the real answer is yes and no. It’s a totally different skill set but I have always been interested in communication which is why I restarted the Lagaday, our high school’s paper which has lapsed in publishing regular papers. Back then we learned how to create the newspaper using actual paper which was a trip.

Why did you pick Moodle over all the other available LMS’s?

As an open source platform for education, like WordPress, I think it’s great that there’s such a healthy community driven solution available. Moodle is a wonderful tool, it has loads of momentum and a great and growing community.
In education, I always have thought that we’re all on the same team so the choice of Moodle is just picking that platform which I think will ultimately win out to enable teachers and students to learn most effectively using the internet.

What is your typical day like?

When it comes to Moodlenews when I was posting daily, I usually started around 5 am or 6 am to get up, get the dog walked and then hit the computer before my day job began. You would be surprised what you can get down with a spare hour in the morning working on researching Moodle, writing about it and setting those posts up to publish throughout the day.

Which is your favorite “Moodle story” from the ones mentioned on Moodlenews and why?

I was able to announce that my company, StraighterLine, was going to be a Moodle driven company in 2012 which I thought was great. We had been a Blackboard Learn company and were making the switch. I’m really proud to say that we’ve served over 70,000 students using Moodle, that we are now hosted in-house with help from Moodlerooms and that the future looks really bright for our students.

You have a degree in Political Science. Would you like to pursue politics to bring reforms in the education sector?

You might say that I already am. The Moodle Users Association is a political and democratic organization designed to assist and drive the development of Moodle. While it’s not “politics” in the traditional sense, it is “politics” that for this day and age I am happy and willing to engage in. I encourage all Moodle users to join at least at the individual level.

How do you manage to juggle a blog with a full-time job?

You have to make time. I do it by getting up earlier and diligently planning that time.

What is your advice for someone who would like to start a blog?

Why wait? Start today.

What do you think about Edwiser RemUI as a theme for Moodle?

Moodle themes have come so far since “wood” and “metal”. I think that RemUI has joined the likes of Essential and Fordson in putting forward unique user experiences which are compatible with all of Moodle’s strengths.

The experience of a student in gaining access to things that they can learn easily, without barrier, and with an experience that might leave a smile on their face is no small feat. I hope that more developers, companies, and schools will step up to see what they might innovate to improve Moodle’s position in the market.

Well, thank-you Joe for taking time out to share with us your valuable insights and experiences!

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, contact us at [email protected]. Joseph can be connected with at his Linkedin profile.  

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