Does Moodle need a Simpler Course Creator?

Does Moodle need a Simpler Course Creator?
November 23, 2017 Rucha Gotarkar

Moodle, among other ground-breaking features, boasts of providing a course authoring tool to its users.

Companies hesitate to employ third-party course creators because they cost heavy on their wallets. An in-built course creating tool turned out to be a deal breaker for Moodle, proving to be a USP for them.

When we asked Moodle users about their experience with creating a course on their own, we heard quite a few negative reviews. On deeper research, we found that there are some serious problems that Moodle’s course creator faces at the moment. These are our observations:


Problem #1 Multiple Settings

Creating a course on Moodle is a long and tedious procedure. Each step contains multiple settings that you need to go through with. A beginner gets easily hassled with so many decisions to make at once.

moodle course creator

Problem #2 Time Consuming

Creating a diverse course may take anything from a few hours to an entire week. Getting used to the Moodle backend also takes up a lot of time.

Problem #3 Complexity

Even for creating a basic, simple course the creator has to make various customizations that aren’t required at present. This increases the complexity and discourages a user from completing it.


As always, when we talk about a problem, we talk about a solution too.


What if we propose a Course Creator with the easiest functionality!


Solution #1 Quick Settings

It will drastically reduce the effort taken to create a course, be it long or short. With minimal mandatory settings, you can sift easily without getting yourself worn out.

Solution #2 Time Saving

With fewer settings and a friendly interface, the time taken will definitely reduce, ultimately saving your time.

Solution #3 Simplicity

Every customisable and portable element will be present on a single page, with no need to waver off from the existing page to elsewhere.

What do you think of this idea? We would love to know!

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  1. william Carico 1 year ago

    Need to know if a moodle content dev tool exists please.

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