License Key Activation

License Key Activation

Requirements –

For every purchase of Edwiser Bridge-Selective Synchronization plugin (or any bundle that contains this plugin as part of it), you will receive an alphanumeric code as part of it.

This is the license key for the product which will help in activating the product at your end.


Activation Steps –

  • After login into your WordPress admin as an admin, Go to Edwiser Bridge > Settings > “Licenses” tab,
  • Under the “Licenses” tab you will see a field for ‘Selective Synchronization’ > Simply add the license key in this field,
  • Hit the “Activate License” button, this will activate the license at your end.



  • Every license issued is a Single Site License, You cannot use it on more than one website simultaneously
  • You can migrate the license though from one site to another by simply deactivating it from the first site and later activated on the second site. (Works best if you got 2 sites staging and production wherein parallel development would take place)
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