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How it works –

  1. Once you have successfully installed and activated the Selective Synchronization extension, you should notice a ‘Selective Sync tab’  added under ‘Edwiser Bridge‘ -> ‘Settings
  2. Here you should notice your Moodle ‘courses’ and ‘users’ listed.
  3. Check the courses you want to synchronize and click the ‘Start Synchronization’ wp admin admin.php pageeb settingstabselective synch settingssection 1
  4. To select courses belonging to a particular category, you can use the ‘Category’ dropdown to filter the courses by category, pick the course of your choice from the list and synchronize.
  5. If you want to update the course data on synchronization, you have to check the ‘Update previously synchronized courses’ option.
  6. To synchronize the users from your Moodle site over to Wordpress, switch to ‘Users’ in the Selective Sync tab. This will create users in Wordpress site from Moodle and will also link the accounts of the newly created users.screenshot 2020.01 2
  7. You can even selectively choose the users and sync them through.
  8. wp admin admin.php pageeb settingstabselective synch settingssectionusers 1 1
  9. You can even see the status of the user accounts – whether it is ‘Linked’, ‘Created’ or ‘Not Created’ on the right-hand side (see above image)
  10. The newly linked users to Wordpress will be provided with new Wordpress credentials via email.
  11. If you face any issues while creating and linking all users from Moodle to Wordpress, you will notice an error message. On clicking the message, you will see a pop-up where all the users who faced the issues while creation and linking are listed. You can export this list in CSV format.2020 01 08 1 1
  12. 2020 01 08 3
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