Existing Users (Migrating to Version 3.0+)

Please note that we strongly recommend updating plugins on the staging/test site first. This will allow you to test all of the site’s functionality and ensure that the update does not cause any problems. Once you have tested the update on the staging site and are satisfied that it is working correctly, you can then update the plugins on the live site.

Upgrade Bridge Pro from 2.0 series to 3.0 series. (Video tutorial – Enhance your viewing experience by adjusting to video quality to 720p and doubling the speed to 2x for a more dynamic experience.)

A. WordPress End

➥ Update Edwiser Bridge Free plugin from the WordPress plugins section.
➥ After the plugin is updated, a Notice will be shown to users to Install and activate the new Consolidated Pro plugin.
➥ By Clicking on the Activate now Button on the notice, the user will be redirected to the license page, where they can see old license keys and a new section to enter the new Edwiser Bridge Pro license key


➥ Find your Edwiser Bridge Pro license Key from the My Account page on edwiser.org
➥ Copy this license key, enter it in the licence key input, and click Install the plugin.


➥The plugin will be installed and activated.
➥ Pro features will be available based on the license keys, and the user can activate/deactivate the pro features from the Pro Features tab.


➥ Initially, only those pro features will be activated whose counter pro plugin was active on the user’s site (e.g., if the user had only SSO and selective sync active earlier, then only SSO and selective sync pro features will be activated)
➥ After activation of the Pro plugin, older Pro plugins will be deactivated. Users can uninstall those plugins, as they are not required from now on.

B. Moodle™ Endpoint

➥ Go to Moodle Site administration section

➥ Go to Plugins >> Plugin overview

➥ Find Edwiser bridge plugins and uninstall all of them

  1. edwiserbridge (local plugin)
  2. wdmwpmoodle (auth plugin)
  3. wdmgroupregistration (local plugin)

➥ Your SSO plugin data will be lost in this process (web service and test connection data will be saved as is) so please copy it and save it somewhere or you can regenerate it (secret key, URLs)

➥ Important Step: After uninstalling all the plugins, please purge the browser and your Moodle site cache. In case the uninstall option does not appear for the Edwiser Single Sign-On Moodle plugin you may refer to the following article.

➥ Download the Moodle Edwiser Bridge plugin from My account page on edwiser.org

➥ Go to Site administration >> Plugins >> Install plugin

➥ Upload the plugin zip file

➥ After installation, a new settings page will be shown where the setup wizard link is shown, you can skip/save it

➥ Go to Site Administration, Plugins ➜ Edwiser Bridge ➜ Settings.

➥ Go to the web service page and update web service one (select your web service, select the user, and hit the update button)

➥ Check the test connection on Moodle and verify it from the WordPress end.

➥ Go to the summary tab


➥ Find your Moodle Edwiser Bridge license key and enter this key in the license key input.

➥ Upon activation, the SSO tab will be populated, where you can regenerate the secret key and URLs.


➥ Verify the SINGLE SIGN-ON key on the WordPress SSO settings tab.

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