How to obtain the license key?

For version 3.0.0 and above (New Edwiser Bridge Consolidated Version)

From Version 3.0.0, there will only be 1 Pro plugin (for WordPress) and two license keys will be generated at the time of purchase. One license key would be required to activate the Ediwser Bridge Plugin on the Wordpress site and another one on the Moodle site

    1.Go to the My account page on

    2.Under My purchase tab, you will be able to see all your purchase orders

    3. Find your order or the product your need the license key for and click on the key icon in the column titled “Manage”

    4. Once you click on the the key icon the license detail table will be opened in a pop-up

    5.Use the license key under “Edwiser Bridge Pro – Wordpress ” on your WordPress site license page

          Wordpress key

          6. Use the license key under “Edwiser Bridge – Moodle” on your Moodle site license page.

          moodle key

          With the help of these keys, users can activate the Edwiser Bridge Pro plugin on WordPress and Moodle. After Activating these license keys, the users can activate/deactivate Pro features from the Pro features tab in Edwiser Bridge Settings on your WordPress site

          For Version below 3.0.0 (Individual Add-ons )

          Before the Edwiser Bridge Pro version 3.0.0, the Pro version consisted of total 7 individual add on plugins

          WordPress Add On
          ➥ Single Sign On
          ➥ Selective Synchronization
          ➥ Woocommerce Integration
          ➥ Bulk Purchase and Group Registration
          ➥ Edwiser Bridge Custom Fields

          ➥ Single Sign On (wdmwpmoodle)
          ➥ Bulk Purchase (wdmgroupregistration)

          addons keys

          To activate these individual add-on plugins for Edwiser Bridge Pro, there were 5 license keys (to be added on your WordPress site Ediwser Bridge License page) generated at the time of purchase.

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