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Here’s how we are helping during COVID-19

Let’s respond and not react to the coronavirus pandemic! Digitization of education has gained more prominence than ever to fight this temporary crisis. In these tough times, businesses worldwide supporting others in the community is the need of the hour. With Coronavirus rapidly spreading across the globe and triggering fear among all, it is time to look on the bright side and work towards making things better.

Digital businesses worldwide are facing a crisis & we understand how your own business must be impacted as you grapple with new challenges arising out of staying indoors and working remotely from home.

Let’s try to embrace this new learning phase and reconnect better. The shift can be challenging but we have got your back.

Continued Support for our customers

Despite the slowdown or closure of most businesses and educational institutions around the world in the wake of the full-blown coronavirus pandemic, Edwiser support team is open to any specific challenges or barriers concerning Edwiser products, you’d like to discuss. We have decided to go ahead and give you our full support as business and learning approaches transform in response to COVID 19. We are fortunate enough to willingly take this up as most of the learning and teaching gradually moves online.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the doctors and healthcare personnel working hard to deal with the situation, and families affected by this tragedy.

Consultation Call and Setup Help

During this time, if you wish to speak with our experts regarding any problems or doubts related to our products or if you need assistance with the setup process of any of our products, our team will be more than happy to get on a call with you.

We want to make sure your issues are resolved on time. Kindly let us know a day in advance so that we can block our calendar for the decided date and time.

Our Part

In such difficult times, to lend a helping hand, we, at Edwiser will be offering all our products at half the price (a 50% benefit), for the first year of purchase, to the following categories of businesses:-

  • Not-for-profits
  • Healthcare
  • Government organizations
  • Other – Any other businesses that are struggling to stay afloat because of the pandemic, and would like a discounted pricing

This pricing will continue till 15th May, 2020.

Please note that this is not a sale, and we’ll use our discretion to ensure that we truly help businesses that are majorly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ll be focusing our efforts towards identifying those businesses who genuinely need all the help they can get, to tide over this crisis. So, if you’re a business owner, who is possibly not affected, or doesn’t need the discount desperately, we’d urge you to be responsible and not apply for the discount. Remember every undeserving application takes our focus away from the ones in desperate need, for e.g. Not for Profits, Healthcare or Government Organizations actively involved in mitigating the spread of this virus. We need to make room for those who genuinely need this discount.

Our team is taking all the necessary precautions and working from home, we urge you to do the same and stay safe. We’re in this together.

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