Edwiser Reports PRO vs LearnerScript - Which is the Best Moodle™ Analytics Tools

Edwiser Reports PRO vs LearnerScript – Which is the Best Moodle™ Analytics Tools?

As a Moodle™ user, you know how important it is to keep track and analyze what’s happening on your LMS, right? Because let’s face it, there’s just so much information that you can access. But what to do with that information and how quickly you can make use of it is the real question!!!

You need the right Moodle™ Analytics plugin for your LMS. Now there are a few plugins that can help you with Moodle™  Reporting and Analysis, but any other reporting tool just won’t do the job for you. 

That’s why, in this article, we’re comparing the top 2 plugins that make LMS reporting and analysis a cakewalk. So if you’re in the midst of selecting the perfect reporting plugin for your Moodle™ LMS. Then this post is for you!

Reporting and Analysis for Moodle™: Edwiser Reports Pro vs LearnerScript?

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If you want to make use of the huge chunk of data available to you, then you have to think beyond just basic reporting. 

Now, we know that LearnerScript already helps you to track real-time LMS data in the form of reports and charts. These reports are useful in figuring out what needs fixing and making decisions quickly.

 What’s more, is that you can customize the reports as well. Additionally, it comes with a lot of other admin, teacher, and student-friendly features.

But is it all worth it for the price?

Don’t you think you can dig a little deeper and maybe find a plugin that’s cost-effective, user-friendly, and just like LearnerScript has loads of features?

Yes, you heard it right! That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Edwiser Reports PRO!

We know that we have compared Edwiser Reports FREE and LearnerScript for you. But, since the PRO version is game-changing, we wanted to break it down for you as well.

So let’s take a look at some features that make Edwiser Reports PRO the best analytics and reporting tool for your Moodle™ LMS.

If you want a quick overview of the comparison you directly head to the table towards the end of this post!

Why Edwiser Reports Pro is a Notch Up

#1 Actionable Insights to Drive Better e-learning Results

Learnerscript and Edwisor Reports PRO both offer highly insightful data that can help you plan your further actions.

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With LearnerScript you get access to the User profile and Course profile. 

The user profile allows you to get a summary of all the learning activities like Enrolled, In-progress, Course completed. These can further allow you to draw a comparative analysis between peers and let them know where they can do better.

Similarly, the Course profile offers metrics such as Top trending, No. of enrollments, Course status, etc. that can be used to compare and summarize which courses have been doing well. You can further use that information to show the number of learners that have benefited from those courses.

Edwiser Reports PRO has course engagement, student engagement reports, and learner reports which help you understand the engagement level on your LMS and use that data to draw out some actionable.

The course engagement and student engagement  reports provide you with information such as:

  • Average time spent on the course, 
  • Total time spent on the course,
  • Total activities completed, 
  • Total time spent on the activities 
  • Average time spent (of all users)
  • Total time spent on the LMS and more

You can use that information to calculate ROI and find out which courses are working well among your students. You can tackle student course completion issues more effectively when you know which activities are taking longer to complete.

Similarly, through learner reports, learners get reminded of their progress in their enrolled courses. They can even track the total time spent on the course through a holistic dashboard. Their progress is displayed compared with the average so that they can improve their performance.

Both the plugins are top-notch when it comes to offering insightful data in the form of graphs and charts. But Edwisor Reports PRO also gives you hints to make changes wherever your courses or students need improvement.

Pro Tip Actionable insights will be part of the new layout of both Edwiser Reports PRO and FREE in the upcoming update which will be released soon.

#2 Tools for Customized Reporting Needs

Edwiser Reports PRO and LearnerScript are designed to suit your customized reporting needs.

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  • Personalized Dashboards

LearnerScript has 4 different dashboards for the admin. Teacher and student roles also have access to their own dashboards.

Users can customize the existing dashboards and even add a new reporting dashboard if it’s required. It also comes with role-wise Moodle™ course dashboards for analytics based on the user that’s viewing. instructors and students get access to their separate dashboards with reports related to their respective quizzes, courses, and SCORM.

The plugin offers a lot of information with easy-to-access dashboards but it can be a little tricky to use it for the first time.

Edwiser Reports PRO comes with clean and user-friendly dashboards for managers, teachers, and students giving full control to each user. You can Personalize your dashboard to see the most important information upfront. Pick and choose relevant blocks and arrange them in the order you like. 

Users can easily configure the dashboards mostly by dragging and dropping.

  • Custom Reports

LearnerScript allows you to design custom reports pretty quickly and on a single page.

For example, if an instructor wants to design a custom course summary report they can select the data points, filters, conditions and apply calculations to aptly convey the data.

With LearnerScript, you can create a custom Moodle™ report as a smart widget and place it on your dashboard or outside it.

Well, we mentioned that Edwisor Reports FREE didn’t have the option to generate custom reports but with Edwisor Reports PRO you can get into as much detail as you like by picking your own parameters or metrics to track. 

Interesting, right? 

It’s so simple that anyone can build quick custom reports, export them to different formats and even schedule them via email to be sent to your inbox. You can select specific data points, filters like – by courses, groups, course category, user profile, and even filter the reports by country. 

The custom report builder in Edwiser Reports PRO allows you to generate more granular reports as per your needs.

#3 Ready to use Reports to Hit The Ground Running 

Both LearnerScript and Edwiser Reports PRO can be used right out of the box.

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LearnerScript comes with 80+ canned reports that can get you started in no time. This feature is very handy as it saves time. With this Moodle™ analytics tool you get access to a ton of ready-made reports like:

  • Course Summary
  • Learner Summary
  • Assignment Summary
  • Quiz Summary.
  • SCORM Summary

All these are some of the most common reports that can be used with or without minimal configuration right after you plug it in on your Moodle™.

Edwiser Reports PRO is as effective as LearnerScript. It allows you to easily download and use pre-built and ready-made reports like:

  • Course Reports
  • Popular Courses
  • Course Completion
  • Student Engagement report
  • Learner Report

These reports are user-friendly and let you get a hold of information as quickly as possible. So anyone looking to up their Moodle™ LMS reporting can definitely consider upgrading to Edwisor Reports PRO.

#4 Graphical Reports that are Easy to Digest

Information is easier to retain when presented in the form of visuals and graphics.

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LearnerScript presents all the important top-level LMS metrics as well as deep insights in the form of graphs and charts for easier to process and retain.

Similarly, Edwiser Reports PRO also provides you with a highly detailed, graphical representation of your total active and inactive learners, course completion rate, time spent on the course, and time spent on the LMS. This also displays which days of the week your platform receives the most traffic. 

With Edwiser Reports PRO you can easily understand the average score achieved by a student in a certain activity with the help of a pie chart.

Both LearnerScript and Edwisor Reports PRO present the learning as well as other insights beautifully in the form of visuals. But clean graphical representation is what makes Edwiser Reports PRO to stand out from the crowd

#5 LMS Tracking and Reporting Made Easy

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LearnerScript has reports that equip you with the right metrics to be able to track all the user and day-to-day Moodle™ activities. 

Moodlers can quickly look at reports showing the site visitor counts, No. of views per page, active users, trending courses, trending pages, top learners, and other SCORM related activities on the user dashboard

Additionally, LearnerScript also offers various geographical insights such as browser statistics, device statistics, user access locations, etc. 

These metrics can help answer questions like where and how many in the learning analytics.

Edwiser Reports PRO  lets you track all the basic and day-to-day LMS activities.  The reports are available on the dashboard that helps you in figuring out your active users along with the time when they are the most active.

These reports answer all the basic questions around the various activities happening across your LMS.

What’s more, is that with Edwiser Reports PRO you get the ability to notify when your users are inactive.

#6 Affordability

There’s no doubt about the fact that LearnsScript is fairly priced for a one-time offer.  It saves you from the headache of making monthly payments and you would never have to worry about another bill. You can choose between two plans depending on your needs and also get free premium support for one year.

screenshot learnerscript.com 2022.01.24 13 27 41

Source – LearnerScript

So if you want to save yourself from paying recurring charges then you can definitely go with LearnerScript.

But, what if you don’t want to buy it for a lifetime? Yeah, that can be money down the drain!

That’s when Edwiser Reports PRO saves the day. It’s budget-friendly and the yearly subscription isn’t that heavy on the pocket. Plus, you can stop whenever you want which can save you a lot of money!

Edwiser ss1

And if you still want to go with a lifetime plan we have a lifetime license option at $199 which is cheaper. The official price for the same will be $299 which is still 85% less than LearnerScript. For the Annual license, purchased product license warrants support and updates for one year.

Edwiser ss2

So, why not go with a more pocket-friendly and easy-to-use option if you can!

Here’s a quick analysis of both the plugins for your ease

Edwiser Reports PROLearnersScript
Price$59 per year(early bird)
$99 per year
$199 lifetime (early bird)
$299 lifetime
$2450 (One Time Purchase)
Plugin SupportYes, Documentation + Product SupportYes, Documentation 
Compatibility with DBYes
MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB and PL/pgSQL
MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, and PL/pgSQL.
Mobile responsiveYesYes
User-specific dashboardYes, Manager, Teacher, StudentYes, Admin, Teacher, Student
Ready-made templatesYesYes 
Custom reportsYesYes
Tracking LMS activitiesYes Yes
Tracking SCORM activityNoYes
Tracking course activityYesYes
Tracking learner activityYesYes
Graphical reportsYesYes
FiltersYes Yes
Auto – schedule and email reportsYesYes
Guaranteed data securityYes Yes
Download formats and Export optionYes
PDF, XLS, etc
Quiz reportsYesYes
Certification StatsYesInformation not available

Final Words

Okay, that was a tough one! But so is making the final call. 

When it comes to reporting and analysis there are a LOT of things that you can and cannot consider. Based on your needs you choose THE ONE. Price being your motivator.

I know what you’re thinking right now, “Why should I upgrade to the premium when I can use the free version?” Well, you can but is it enough for your advanced reporting needs? 

From what we’ve seen so far among moodlers, an all-in-one, easy-to-use premium reporting, and analysis tool is the need of the hour! So why don’t you check out Edwiser Reports PRO and decide for yourself?

So, I hope this was helpful and if you have any further questions feel free to comment below


You can enable Moodle Analytics settings from Site administration > Analytics > Analytics settings. In case, you want to disable analytics, you can do so from Site administration / Advanced features. But there is no API or a source of learning analytics that combines data from multiple sources and makes it accessible to plugins throughout Moodle. So, if you want to save time and effort, you could also use the premium Moodle Analytics plugins mentioned in this article.

Moodle learning analytics is an ecosystem of different Moodle reports, blocks, and plugins that help you understand LMS engagement as well as improve learning outcomes. There are 2 new models of analytics in Moodle 3.8. You can restrict your Moodle analytics models to a specific category or course. A new feature called the Insights Report has also been introduced for better visualization of how your students are performing or interacting with your LMS, whether or not they are taking your courses etc. You can even perform bulk actions and your students now have access to more comprehensible notifications.

All you have to do is add the Google Analytics (GA) tracking code in your themes’ footer.html just before the </HEAD> tag. Go to Site Administration block “Site Administration > Appearance > Additional HTML ” and chose where to automatically put it on every page. To learn more, this blog will provide you with additional details.

You can also use a dedicated Google Analytics plugin that communicates with Google Analytics and Piwik. The plugin does more than add a JavaScript code in the page footer. It enables a page-based hierarchy so that you can do path-based analysis in Google Analytics. You are not able to get this with the standard JavaScript. This way you can tackle user activity throughout an activity or resource, a course, or a category of courses, and so on. It’s a very powerful option that is simply not possible without altering the path.

The Quiz Analytics plugin carefully analyzes every quiz attempt made by the user and provides insights through visually appealing, easy-to-process graphs. The admin also has the flexibility to configure the plugin as per their needs from the settings panel. This grade report provides 4 types of graphs across 4 different tabs such as Attempt Summary, Progress and Predictions, Question categories’ analysis and Scores’ and questions’ stats. The Progress and Predictions tab has multiple sub-tabs that give an idea of how the logged-in user has been performing so far and the challenging questions he/she struggled with or spent more time on.

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