Best Alternative To LearnerScript For Reporting In Moodle™

Best alternative to LearnerScript for reporting in Moodle

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Ready to measure learning outcomes on your Moodle™ platform with an all-in-one reporting plugin?

But something is stopping you! What’s that? 

Well, at the moment, it could be these two things. 

And that is budget plus the right reporting plugin within that budget, especially if you’re pressed for money.

Talking about the perfect reporting tool for your Moodle site, finalizing that one plugin can involve a few trial and error moments. 

We had recommended 7 best options to help you with your decision-making process.

Now, it’s time to drill down and get to the specifics!

Read on.

Analytics in Moodle™: LearnerScript or Edwiser Reports?

Okay, just to let you know. When our article was published, we came to know that LearnerScript had quite a few fans! It is well-known to pull real-time data from your Moodle platform and convert that into comprehensive reports for better e-Learning decisions. 

But how can you be sure of buying something like LearnerScript when you’re just a beginner in reporting. 

And even if you’re not, are you sure you’re ready to invest in a paid reporting tool outside of Moodle. 

Did you look around and think that there could be some equally good free options too?. 

If you haven’t then do consider giving it a thought. Because some Moodlers were of the opinion that LearnerScript was overall a good holistic reporting tool. But the plugin was a little complex to use and also comes with a price tag.

So, we thought why not design something for reporting in Moodle that’s simple-to-use, cost-efficient, and nearly as effective as LearnerScript. 

And voila! We came up with what you could call the best alternative to LearnerScript – Edwiser Reports .

Why is Edwiser Reports the best alternative to LearnerScript? 

Let’s find out.

#1 Price

LearnerScript is modestly priced and you don’t have to go through the pain of making monthly payments. But Edwiser Reports is 100% FREE. It offers you most of the benefits of a premium reporting plugin for no extra penny. 

So, why pay for a reporting tool when you can get the job done for absolutely nothing? 

#2 Ease of Use

LearnerScript is an advanced reporting plugin for Moodle as you can create multiple dashboards for multiple roles. You can switch roles and dashboard views that oscillate between 3 roles – Admin, Teacher and Students

While that’s great for dynamic reporting, it increases the complexity and can be a bit tricky to use, especially for beginners. However, the 40+ canned ready-to-use reports or templates is a really handy feature. 

Edwiser Reports too allows you to switch capabilities and show the reports to other user roles. It is primarily designed to be compatible for use among a wide range of Moodlers with varying levels of expertise. 

A novice or intermediate Moodler looking for specific reporting features could use Edwiser Reports directly out-of-the-box. No pressure! 

Also, expert teachers or admins trying to have more control over their reporting in Moodle can easily tailor the dashboard for the best possible view of information. So, it’s good that both beginners and experts can greatly benefit from the system.

#3 Simple Customization

Being an advanced reporting plugin for Moodle, LearnerScript offers some good customization options. You can create custom reports and use them as smart widgets inside or outside the dashboard based on your reporting needs. 

Although Edwiser Reports does not have custom reports at present, it has a fully configurable dashboard where you can easily add or delete blocks to create your personalized view of learner data. 

The customization here is snappier and totally low effort, gets your job done quickly, and gives you better results with relevant data to analyze right in front of you. 

For a free plugin, could it get any better than this?

#4 Login-free Access to Reports

Both Edwiser Reports and LearnerScript have great functionality when it comes to scheduling reports beforehand. You can avoid logging into your accounts every time you need to look over an important report. 

Simply auto-schedule them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and get them straight into your mailbox. With Edwiser Reports, you could also get notified whenever a new report is created. 

Instant notifications are a great help for tracking learner data, aren’t they? Both plugins feature this handy functionality. LearnerScript however also has an instant messaging system to chat and stay in touch with your peers/students. 

#5 Efficient Learner Engagement Analysis

Both reporting plugins provide decent options for monitoring learner engagement. There are user and course profiles in LearnerScript to understand the level of activity and engagement on your Moodle site. 

The user profile gives you details such as Enrolled, In-progress, Completed courses, and a comparative analysis of peers. The course profile gives insights into the top trending courses, the number of course enrollments, course status, and comparison of course performances.

Edwiser Reports also displays the Enrolled, In-progress, and Completed courses. But the plugin does not have the same structure or nomenclature as LearnerScript. 

For example, the Daily Activities block in Edwiser Reports can track the key e-learning metrics for you 

They include the number of Enrolments, Activity Completion, Course Completions, New Registrations, Visits, and the number of learners logged in for the day. Similarly, the course profile shows the most popular courses, the courses with more number of certificates, course progress, and course completion rates.

You can even schedule your learning tasks around the most active users. Edwiser Reports can tell you the time when they are active and for how long they are active for any given day.

You can also find inactive users and get in touch with them to know their problem areas. LearnerScript does not provide you this benefit. 

Regarding comparative analysis, as of now the free version of Edwiser Reports does not provide any comparisons between the different courses or the performances of peers.

#6 Convenient Accessibility of Reports 

I’ve already talked about accessing reports without logging into the Moodle site with these plugins. But the convenience does not end there. You can easily download, print, and export your reports in different formats using both these plugins.

However, LearnerScript has three additional formats for downloading your reports, that is, JPEG, JPG, and SVG. So, those specifically looking for image formats can go for LearnerScript. Else Edwiser Reports pretty much does everything and covers the most used or preferred formats for free. 

#7 Easy-to-Understand Visual Data

Both plugins offer enough visual data for a proper assessment of learning and engagement on your Moodle site. They offer simpler representations in the form of pie-charts and bar graphs for quick analysis of learner data. 

The reports that you generate in Edwiser Reports can also be adjusted as per custom dates using the Date Selector.

For example, you can easily have a synopsis of your data over a particular period of time of your choice, let’s say 1st November to 10th December. (Think of it like setting custom date ranges in Google Analytics). 

LearnerScript also has the Timeline feature to aggregate and present e-learning data for a week, month, year, or as per custom dates. 


That was a tough one! So, what have you decided?

Try out our free analytics plugin and see if Edwiser Reports is for you. 

Even though it’s free, there’s a demo to help you get rid of that risk barrier (Technically, there isn’t any because it’s FREE). 

But we just thought it would make your choice easier! Fair enough? Great!

LearnerScript also offers a demo along with a live demo that you can take to finalize your choice. 

Your reporting needs and your budget will guide you in finding the one analytics plugin that works for you. 

Hope you liked our assessment of both reporting plugins! 

So, good luck and happy reporting! 


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