2019 08 22

Edwiser Forms Updated – All That You Need to Know!

Edwiser Forms as a forms solution for your Moodle site has always been about creating multipurpose forms in Moodle, the easy way. And with time (and updates), this solution keeps getting better & better!

Having dedicated ourselves to providing you an ever-upgrading forms experience on Moodle, we’re out with a major update for Edwiser Forms. This update would make your experience not one, not two, but as much as 10 times better!

So without wasting any more time, let me quickly take you through…

What’s New in this Update

#1 Cross-browser functionality

With this update, we’ve made sure of a silky smooth Edwiser Forms experience for you, be it on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer! 

So you can be assured of a top-notch forms creation experience, across web browsers, without any hindrance.

1028px Safari browser logo.svgGoogle Chrome icon 2011 Firefox Logo 2017 58480921cef1014c0b5e48f9

#2 Build attractive forms in Moodle

Who likes boring anyway!

The latest update of Edwiser Forms gives a fresh new look to forms in Moodle.

With this update, you can now set images in the background of a form and design it the way you like. 😉

Edwiser Forms for Moodle Updated

#3 Translation Ready

icons8 translation 64 1



Edwiser Forms is now Translation Ready. You and your learners can now use Edwiser Forms in 4 new languages! Your forms in Moodle can be translated with ease to any of the following languages:

  1. Spanish
  2. German
  3. Polish
  4. French

#4 Responsiveness

For an optimal experience of the Edwiser Forms on different electronic devices, in this update, we have made the Edwiser Forms more responsive.

With improved form responsiveness and automatic adjusting of the container width depending on the electronic display size, this update of Edwiser Forms comes with a bang!

untitled design 4untitled design 5 1Edwiser Forms for Moodle - Responsive


#5 Conditional logic – in Radio buttons too!

In earlier versions of Edwiser Forms Pro, conditional logic could be implemented only on the select boxes whereas implementing conditional logic in radio buttons was a bit of a task.

With this update, you can now implement conditional logic in your forms with both select boxes as well as radio buttons. 

#6 Use Edwiser Forms outside Moodle

So you thought we’re done?

Here’s something even more awesome!

You can now link out Edwiser Forms from outside the Moodle environment too!! Great, isn’t it?

This is particularly useful in scenarios where you might need to send out an email asking for feedback of a course, and other such scenarios. Your students can simply click on the link in the email, and fill the form, with the responses getting recorded in your Edwiser Forms backend.

Now that’s cool, right?!

#7 Get Auto-filled Form Fields

Fields like First name, Last name, Mobile number, email can be pre-fetched from the Moodle database for a specific user while filling up the form.

Put simply, you can have auto-filled form fields by fetching user-data for a specific user.

Even in a ‘Blank Form’ of Edwiser Forms, this data can be pre-fetched for a user which improves the overall user experience and saves time too.

Summing Up

Over time, Edwiser Forms has continually evolved, offering you more and more, with every update!

In addition to the above-added features, we’ve also fixed the installation and database related issues. Further, we’ve worked on the styling of the Edwiser Forms, making it easier to use, for both admins as well as the users.

The modal styling for popular themes has also been fixed. You can now use Edwiser Forms with any of the popular Moodle themes without any worries.

This update of Edwiser Forms has a lot in store for you, leaving you with no good reason to wait!

Go on, Upgrade Your Edwiser Forms experience NOW!

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