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How to Add Forms as an Activity & Schedule Forms on Moodle

Edwiser Forms, as a forms solution, has made it easier for people to create forms on Moodle.

Packed with features like Drag & Drop Form Builder, Multipage forms and Conditional Logic, Edwiser Forms takes care of all your form needs on Moodle.

Over the past few months since its inception, Edwiser Forms has continually guaranteed a sublime forms creation experience on Moodle.

And as planned in our roadmap for Edwiser Forms, we’re out with yet another update, more so a game-changing one.

Edwiser Forms Pro v1.2.0 sees the introduction of two brand new features.

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Edwiser Forms as an Activity

Add forms as an Activity on Moodle

In Moodle, you can add a survey or feedback as an activity in your courses. However, the addition process is pretty complicated and time-consuming.

The latest update of Edwiser Forms saves you a lot of time. You can now add a form as an activity in your Moodle courses. Choose from a list of forms you’ve already created, or create a new form to be added as an activity.

With this update, you can create feedback forms easily, and include them at the end of your courses.

Imagine you want your students to compulsorily give feedback on course completion. With “Add Edwiser Form as an Activity” feature, you can be assured of 100% feedback on your courses from students.

The applications for this feature are endless. Let’s take a look at another use case of this feature!

You can setup prerequisite checklists using Edwiser Forms. By analyzing the present knowledge levels of your students, you can decide the future course of action.

This feature also comes with an option to hide the form. In case you don’t want a form to be visible to your students, you can turn off its visibility to students.

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Form Scheduling


Schedule forms on your Moodle

Want your form to be visible only for a specific time period? With Edwiser Forms Pro, it’s possible!

Schedule your forms according to your need, by specifying the start date/time & end date/time. Once done, the form automatically gets disabled outside this time period.

You can use the Form Scheduling feature of Edwiser Forms Pro for multiple applications.

Let’s say you want to know the course preferences of your students for the upcoming semester. Knowing the same will help you plan out the faculty allocations as well as lecture timetables.

Now, this is not something you’d want to do throughout the semester. Here’s where Form Scheduling comes to your rescue!

You can roll out a form and keep it open for a week. During this time, your students can fill up their course preferences for the upcoming semester.

Another instance where you can exploit this feature could be your annual sale period. You can create a form for Sale on your courses, and use it to collect the data of interested people. Having a closed time slot for this ensures you can give discounts on the first-come-first-serve basis.

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In a Nutshell

Till now, forms creation was possible only through the Edwiser Forms dashboard. But with this update, you’re in for an even more simplified experience. You can add an existing form or even create a new form from inside the course.

Further, you can also schedule the forms you create on your Moodle.

Another cheeky little improvement we’ve made. Say goodbye to the pain of scrolling through your plugins page. Access your Edwiser Forms dashboard directly from the left sidebar of your Moodle.

P.S. All of this is included in the Edwiser Forms Pro v1.2.0 update. Upgrade your Edwiser Forms Pro NOW!

Looking Ahead

Edwiser Forms, as a plugin, has always been about a simplified forms creation experience on your Moodle. With regular updates & upgrades, Edwiser Forms has constantly been a contributing force in further enhancing your Moodle experience.

A lot more planned in the times to come, it surely is going to be one amazing ride with Edwiser Forms. And what’s better than a journey where you’re the one behind the wheel! 😉

Click here to take control of the path your Edwiser Forms takes!

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