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Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers

Over the past few years, Moodle has emerged as the go-to choice for universities, corporates and private entities alike! More and more people are setting up their e-learning courses on Moodle.

And why not! After all, Moodle has established itself as a front-runner in the e-learning ecosystem. Having a modular and open-source structure, people find it convenient to host their courses on Moodle, the way they like!

All of this been said, the step that follows the thought of setting up an e-learning website on Moodle is to find a proper hosting solution. Given the popularity of Moodle, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s look at the Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers that we recommend!

9 Best Moodle Hosting Service Providers

#1 MoodleCloud

For first time users, MoodleCloud is the often trusted solution for hosting. One of the reasons for this is the fact that MoodleCloud is Moodle’s very own hosting solution.

MoodleCloud offers three different plans to its users for hosting their Moodle site.

MoodleCloud - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

  1. Free (Completely Free hosting solution that can accommodate max 50 users)
  2. Starter (Up to 50 users, with additional features like Custom certificates, Inactive site retention, document converter, and automated backups)
  3. Moodle for School
    1. Mini (Up to 100 users)
    2. Small (Up to 200 users)
    3. Medium (Up to 500 users)


#2 ScalaHosting

 A niche hosting provider, ScalaHosting is specialized in Managed Cloud VPS. They developed an in-house cPanel alternative called SPanel, a cybersecurity software called SShield and a WordPress manager called SWordPressManager. All that comes for free with any of their Managed VPS plans.

Until recently, Managed VPS solutions were quite expensive compared to Shared hosting. Thanks to its technological independence ScalaHosting dramatically decreased prices and now they are within the Shared range. Your websites will load in times faster and your e-mails will never get blacklisted.

The Managed VPS plan ($12/month) for your Moodle website includes 2GB RAM, 20 GB SSD disk space, 1-click WordPress install, automatic updates, free daily backups, scalable resources and, super fast and efficient support. For that price you will also get a bundle of features worth +$80.

ScalaHosting is great as it also has an in-house cPanel alternative called sPanel. 

A cPanel is an online Linux-based GUI used for website and server management. 

ScalaHosting’s sPanel provides a secure and dedicated cloud-based hosting environment for individual businesses, without any interference.

It offers the following plans:

ScalaHosting Moodle Hosting Plans

  1. Mini – provides 10GB web space, the ability to host unlimited websites and can handle 90k+ visits on an average. It starts at $0.99/first month. 
  2. Start – provides unlimited web space, can host unlimited websites and can handle 150k+ visits on an average. It also starts at $0.99/first month.
  3. Advanced – provides unlimited web space and can host unlimited websites. It can handle 270k+ visits on an average. Moreover, the users can get a free domain name if ordered for 6 months or more. You even get a free SEO analysis done for your website as part of this plan. This plan too starts at $0.99/first month
  4. Managed VPS – provides 1 CPU core, equivalent to 25% of one physical CPU core. It also provides 2 GB RAM that can be added/removed anytime from your client area. This plan comes with 20 GB SSD (12 GB server space for your databases, websites, emails, etc. and 8 GB is taken up by the Operating System). 

Moreover, with the Managed VPS plan, you get a dedicated IP address and your website loads faster. The plan provides sPanel that guarantees maximum security and even replaces cPanel saving $15/month. This plan costs $12/month.

#3 KeyToSchool

Another hosting solution Moodle users often go for is KeyToSchool.

The team at KeyToSchool believes in using their experience of Moodle hosting of large sites to build a rewarding e-learning experience for your students. They also claim that their server runs the most stable and secure versions of PHP and other backend software.

The three types of Moodle Hosting plans KeyToSchool offers are:

  1. KTS Moodle Hosting – The most competitive plan available, suitable for simple needs
  2. SaaS Moodle Hosting – Our recommended plan for most users
  3. Cloud Moodle Hosting – Pricing based on CPU and RAM, suitable for special needs

The best part about KeyToSchool is that they offer personalized recommendations based on your requirements and usage pattern. You can find the plan that best suits you here.

#4 A2 Hosting

Fastest. Easiest. Most Reliable.

No, that’s not something we’re saying. It’s what the team at A2 Hosting believes in offering to its patrons. Other than Swift (their most popular plan), A2 Hosting offers 2 more plans, tailored for varying needs of people.

A2 Hosting - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

  1. Lite – Perfect plan for a single site starting at $3.92 USD monthly
  2. Swift – Unlimited websites & databases with 2X resources
  3. Turbo – All of the above, but Up To 20X Faster

#5 Lambda

Lambda is one of the most trusted names in the Moodle world. With Lambda hosting, you can not just create small-scale websites, but even websites that can accommodate 1000+ active users at the same time.

Lambda offers 3 different plans, primarily on the basis of the number of active users.

Lambda - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

  1. Basic – Starter level plan for 500 – 3000 users
  2. Professional – Up-to 5000 users with Analytics & other add-ons
  3. Enterprise – 150 GB (Expandable) storage space with a dedicated support agent

#6 Hostgator

You can host your Moodle site with Hostgator’s Linux Shared Hosting. Hostgator promises of a lightning fast website with an intuitive control plan, with their hosting plans.

Their claims of a lightning fast website with an intuitive control plan are well supported by the customer reviews available on their website.

Hostgator comes with the following 3 Moodle hosting plans:

  1. Hatchling Plan – Single Domain with Unlimited Disk Space
  2. Baby Plan – 3 Domains with unlimited disk space
  3. Business Plan – Unlimited Domains with unlimited disk space

HostGator - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

#7 TMD Hosting

For a fully managed Moodle hosting, TMD Hosting is a highly recommended hosting solution. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, TMD Hosting offers a lot more than expected.

TMD Hosting comes with All-SSD based storage with 3 layers of cache. The area where TMD Hosting stands out is the fact that they also offer the following benefits other than Moodle hosting, all of it for free:

  • Moodle Installation And Migration
  • Plugins Installation
  • Themes Installation
  • Moodle Updates

TMD Hosting - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

#8 InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting lets you host your Moodle site on their server with unlimited disk space. Moreover, you also get unlimited bandwidth and up to 10GB of data backup.

InMotion comes with Softaculous, which takes care of Moodle installation as well as a hassle-free functioning of your Moodle site.

InMotion Hosting - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

The only downside has been it does not support Moodle’s recommended database file format Barracuda for installing Moodle.

#9 BlueHost

Another popular name when it comes to the field of hosting websites, BlueHost also lets you host your Moodle site on their server. While it has been making rounds in the hosting ecosystem, their support quality is something that didn’t particularly impress users. 

BlueHost comes with 3 hosting plans for you.

  1. Shared – most basic plan starting at $3.95/mo
  2. VPS – this is a scalable plan with on-demand resources
  3. Dedicated – top-end plan apt for websites with very high traffic and security

BlueHost Hosting - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

 Hope this list was helpful. But don’t click away just yet. You’ve made it to the BONUS recommendations. 

Here you go! 

#10 Hostinger

Hostinger makes the cut and can be your ideal pick for hosting your Moodle website. It provides shared web hosting for small to medium websites, cloud hosting for large scale projects, email hosting for better business outreach as well as optimized WordPress hosting solutions. 

Hostinger offers affordable hosting options, the cheapest starting at $0.99 per month – a low-cost, reliable plan to experiment with, for beginners venturing into the hosting domain. It scores really high on server speed performance and uptime (99.9% uptime guarantee).

Apart from that, Hostinger provides a 1-Click installer for Moodle that can come in really handy to easily install Moodle on your hosting. Also, if you’re keen on creating an online presence for your e-learning initiative or business, Hostinger’s VPS hosting gives your website additional server resources to work with.

Let’s not forget the super-responsive support of Hostinger. Hostinger is popular for its prompt, great-looking, and fun support interface. The way of communicating using emojis and GIFs definitely stands out and has earned several happy customers for them. 

If you’re on the lookout for an easy and frictionless hosting service for your Moodle site, we have a 7% discount coupon on Hostinger for you to grab right away!

#11 Cloudways

Cloudways is a great hosting option for Moodle if both affordability and functionality are higher up on your priority list. What’s best is that you can even try their three-day trial service for free before you sign up – no conditions, no contracts! You simply need your LinkedIn, GitHub, or Google credentials. It offers an easy-to-setup, highly scalable managed cloud hosting for your Moodle site. 

You can have an unlimited number of servers and even clone an application or cloud server if required. Cloudways even provides the flexibility to add more servers for your growing user base or bandwidth consumption which is a great plus. To add more speed and efficiency, it even offers a high-speed, low-cost competent CDN that’s super-simple to integrate

If you want to take complete control of your Moodle site with secure hosting and a high-quality 24×7/365 support service without spending a fortune, Cloudways could be the right hosting provider for you.

In case you’re wondering how Cloudways will benefit your Moodle system, you can redeem our promo code – HOSTWOO to avail 15% OFF for 3 months. Grab it ASAP to try the hosting service yourself and see how things work for real.

Cloudways - Pricing

#12 Paradiso

With years of experience of providing fast, affordable and reliable Moodle hosting services, Paradiso is another go-to Moodle hosting solution.

Paradiso has a history of dealing with not just individual customers but also independent training institutes, K12 schools, higher education, and multi-national corporations.

Some of the significant features provided include Automated instant setup for your open source LMS, daily backups & 24×7 technical support.

Paradiso Hosting - Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2019

So who really steals the show?

Any Moodle Hosting requires an in-depth understanding of the usage pattern of Moodle sites. The choice of an ideal Moodle hosting service depends on the purpose of your Moodle site, the max number of concurrent users, amongst other such factors.

Once you have zeroed in on these specifics related to your Moodle site, you will be in a much better position to choose the best-fit hosting provider.

Are you aware of any other Moodle hosting services that could have made it to the list? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂



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