how to create a course on moodle

How to Create a Course on Moodle (Transcript)


Learn how to create a course on Moodle with these easy steps

  • Welcome to the tutorial on How to Create a Course on Moodle!
  • Log in as a Site Administrator or a Manager
  • Go to ‘Site Administration’> ‘Course Settings’
  • Select ‘Manage Courses and Categories’
  • In the Course and Category Management page, click on ‘Create a new course’

(Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Create a course’ shortcut button on the left sidebar if you are using the Edwiser RemUI theme)

  • Type the Course Full name and the Course Short name in the provided fields
  • Provide a Course Start date and End date

(Disable the end Course date if you wish to access the course for a lifetime)

  • Add a suitable description for your course
  • Add a suitable description in Course Summary File section to represent the course with an image in the Edwiser RemUI theme
  • Now, set the format of the course. Each format represents the different ways in which you can lay out the course.
  • In this tutorial we have selected the ‘Topics’ format with all sections displayed on a single page
  • Click on ‘Save and Display’ to proceed with enrollment
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Course Content’ to start adding content to your course
  • Your first Moodle Course has been successfully created!

    Watch the video on Youtube!


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