Is H5P the best tool to create interactive videos?

If you were planning to use a tool which makes your videos insightful as well as interesting, you must have a look at H5P as an option with strong reason.

Why H5P?

H5P is a genius plugin, built to hold the viewer’s attention by using catchy, brain-gauging and interactive pop-up boxes in videos. With extensions for Moodle, WordPress and Drupal, this open source plugin boasts of a huge popularity and customer satisfaction in the recent years for obvious reasons.

H5P is coded in HTML but does not require the user to have definite knowledge of the coding language. The backend interface lets you drag and drop elements or directly add interactive buttons to the video. Constantly evolving, there are always new features on the block waiting for you.

What’s unique?

The plugin includes a ton of questionnaire types and informative text boxes for you to choose from. You can choose questions like Fill in the Blanks, Guess the answer, True or False, Mark the Words and Audio Q&A.

Use one, use all.


What’s more?

It allows you to create simple games and flashcards to boost analytic and memorizing skills of the audience. Course Presentations and slide-shows can be prepared- complete with effects and animated text.
H5P videos are responsive. It means they play just as well on mobile phones and tablet devices- so you never have to worry about accessing these videos on the go.


What is our take on H5P?

From our experiences, we have enjoyed creating fun-filled videos but a written guide would certainly make the tutorial easier to comprehend. However, when it comes to making videos that instantly connect with the viewers, H5P is THE plugin for you.

Saving the best of H5P for the last, it does not need a third party authorizing tool- which means there are no additional costs and you can conveniently use it on your LMS. It is also exceptionally compatible with Edwiser RemUI.

We would gladly recommend this plugin for all the beginners and experts out there, looking for a similar tool for their website. Create your free account right now!

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2 thoughts on “Is H5P the best tool to create interactive videos?”

  1. Avatar of Gaz Hall

    H5P truly does look interesting. I like the fact that you can embed quizzes and tests into the presentations. The only downsides seem to be lack of animation support and that you need to integrate into a LMS to be able to see the results of your students test results.

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