Form Creation Process

Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Search for “Edwiser Forms” > Click on “Add New Form” to create a new form.

Step 1 –

You will be accessing the “Templates” section of the Form Creation Process,

1.1 – Enter the Name of the form in the given section.

1.2 – After you have given a name to form, you can select any form of your choice from the given list of “Pre-made Templates”

Slect one of the 1 1

Step 2 –

After you have selected the form from the given list you will be redirected to the next section called “Form Settings”

2.1 – After giving a title to your form you can now give a description to it. Adding a description to a form is not mandatory but it’s always recommended because it will help you recognize the form.

Untitled design

2.2 – Under Recipient Email Address, you could add the email addresses who will be notified whenever anyone fills this particular form online.

2.3 – “Allow Data Edit” checkbox this could be enabled if you want to have an ability to edit the information that is been collected from this form.

2.4 – Form Confirmation Message

Under this editor, you could create your own custom confirmation message that will be sent out to everyone who fills up this form.

You can create a simple response email or add an HTML email template in this section.

Once you have complete this step you could click on “Build Form” button to go to next section.

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