Change Log

Version 1.6.1

Bug Fixes:
Fixed custom language pack compatibility issue.
Fixed uploaded file not found issue.
Fixed translation issues.
PostgreSQL database compatibility issue.

Version 1.6.0
1. Converted blank form type to an event for efficient working.
2. Added option in an enrolment form for immediate enrolment in form submission.
1. Compatibility with Moodle 4.0
2. Improved styling of tables.
3. Allowing users to sort submissions using the date column.
4. Allowing teachers from the same course to view submissions.
5. Added setting to provide custom success message.
6. Removed sign-up URL from registration type to support multiple registration forms.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed loading issue with preview page.
2. Compatibility with Edwiser RemUI form styling.
3. If the Edwiser Activity plugin is missing, the submission page was throwing an error.
4. Fixed XMLDB error with plugin installation.

Version 1.5.3

Bug fixes:
Create fix_auth scheduled task to fix the old user account’s auth issue occurred due to unselected auth plugin.
Using email as the default authentication method for the registration form.
NOTE: Enable Email based registration so the user can confirm their account via confirmation link.

Added setting in the registration form to disable the form’s confirmation email.

Improved IE compatibility.
Saving guest user’s submission as anonymous submission.

Version 1.5.2

Bug Fixes:
Fixed js files are not found on an issue when the cache is disabled.
Fixed submission listing function issue with Moodle 3.6
Fixed license activation issue with Moodle 3.9.1

Showing loader when form definition/settings are being saved.
Improved row panel and condition panel styling across all themes.
Improved stage ribbon styling across all themes.
Added bootstrap button color for form edit page across all themes.

Compatibility with the Lambda Theme.
Compatibility with Essential theme.

Version 1.5.1 Hotfix

Fixed database prefix issue introduced in usage tracking code.

Version 1.5.0

Bug Fixes:
Background issue when the page is loading slower.
Registration form not found on signup page when the form is deleted
Table entry deletion issue with forms list table
Registration form user confirmation URL issue
Fixed class not found error when moodle_exception thrown for the teacher.
Hiding action buttons from the data list page when the user does not permit to create/modify forms.

Preventing adding of new conditional logics in a row that has the Recaptcha element.
Styling improvement for form edit page.

Activity completion synchronization with form submissions
Compatible with Edwiser RemUI, Boost, Adaptable, Moove, Fordson.
Compatible with Moodle 3.9

Version 1.4.5

Fix – Login page rendering issue when countries loaded asynchronously.
Fix – Fixed dropdown issue with custom form styling.
Fix – Updated empty table messages.
Fix – Google Recaptcha rendering issue with form editor.
Fix – Form submission issue with textarea.
Tweak – Showing “Duplicate field” message on form data page when form element names are duplicate.
Tweak – Same important field mark position for all form styles.

Version 1.4.3

Fix – Fixed Add option blank space issue.
Fix – Fixed search form issue on forms listing page.
Fix – Fixed broken form data list table issue when submission content or element label is HTML.
Fix – Preventing HTML content as label in form creation process.
Fix – Fixed email structure issue when content is HTML.
Fix – Fixed form validation error positioning issue.
Fix – Fixed user registration confirmation email issue.
Fix – Fixed checkbox value representation in exported data.
Feature – Now plugin also work perfectly when jscaching is off.
Feature – Showing radio/checkbox label instead of value on form data list page.
Feature – Showing radio/checkbox label instead of value in email.
Feature – Improved plugin performance and stability.

Version 1.4.1

Fix – 99% compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
Fix – Fixed database issue for big form data.
Fix – Stability and minor bug fixes.
Fix – Deleting unlinked files, form data, and form on cron.
Fix – Fixed cloning issue with Field, Row, and Column.
Fix – Fixed save changes click issue on the Preview tab of Create New Form page.
Fix – Synchronized sidebar visibility on Create New Form page.
Fix – Fixed registration form confirmation email issue.
Fix – Fixed width issue with full-page form and form preview.
Fix – Removed bootstrap and added custom styling for templates.
Feature – Added delete submission functionality on the Submissions list page.
Feature – Added bulk actions(Current delete) menu on the Submissions list page.
Feature – For Enrolment Form/Event, unenrolling users from selected courses on submission deletion.
Feature – For Registration Form/Event, suspending user account on submission deletion.
Feature – Added advanced option for Registration Form/Event: Confirm, Suspend, Unsuspend.
Feature – Combined and moved all actions like Enrol/Unenroll, Confirm/Suspend/Unsuspend, Delete, etc. under the User profile column for a better look.
Feature – Improve table styling for Forms and Form Submissions table.
Feature – Export Form data in Excel Sheet format.
Feature – Optimized Forms and Form Submissions listing ajax.
Feature – Optimised Formbuilder and Formviewer js.
Feature – Reduced file size of plugin js.
Feature – On Edwiser Form Activity Create/Edit, Create/Edit form without leaving the page.
Feature – Improved Login, Registration form and render js.
Feature – Allowing users to overwrite form definition with a warning.

Edwiser Forms Pro v1.3.1

Fix – Using moodles limit parameters instead of a query.
Fix – Fixed relative path issue with events upgrade.

Edwiser Forms Activity v1.0.2

Fix – Fixed course uninstallation and activity deletion issue.

Version 1.3.0

Fix – Fixed registration form template.
Fix – Preventing user login after registration.
Fix – Optimized Form actions on the form list.
Fix – Fixed styling in the step navigation.
Fix – Fixed “Allow Data Edit” and “Notify Email” checkbox issue.
Fix – Allowing users to edit preloaded profile inputs.
Fix – Removed services which no longer used. (Fixed undefined services issue on API Documentation page).
Fix – Fixed modal styling for all themes.
Fix – Fixed column and row cloning.
Fix – Fixed misaligned data exporting issue.
Fix – Removed password from exported files and email notification.
Fix – Various optimization and bug fixes in form building.
Fix – Fixed installation and database issues with PostGre and Oracle database.
Feature – Added “Add New Form” and “Form List” link in the sidebar for Admin and Teacher.
Feature – Added Live demo page link in the actions list.
Feature – Added Form Reset and Form Reload functionality.
Feature – Allow users to submit multiple responses in Contact and Support form.
Feature – Preventing users from creating login and registration forms.
Feature – Preloading profile fields in the blank form.
Feature – Improved Form List and Form Data List table styling.
Feature – Added translation form Spanish, German, French, Polish.
Feature – Improved Add New Form page styling.
Feature – Added form definition validator.
Feature – Improved form responsiveness for Mobile devices and container sizing.
Feature – Apply background to form the outer area on the full page.
Feature – Added link to open in full page when the form is rendered using a shortcode.
Feature – Javascript optimization and improvement.
Feature – Added validation for suspended and deleted user accounts.
Feature – Added validation for password expiry of the user.
Feature – You can use Radio box selection in conditional logic like a dropdown.
Feature – Added support for Firefox, Safari, and Edge browser.
Feature – Added page autoscrolling when dragging row/column.

Version 1.0.2

Feature – Edwiser Forms as an activity – The admin can now apply the Edwiser Forms as an activity in a course.
Feature – Forms Scheduling -The Form author can limit the visibility of a form by setting a start date and an end date for that particular form.

Version 1.0.1

Feature – Teachers can access ‘View all Forms’
Feature – Modal visibility (Message that appears after submission of the form) on the course page.
Feature – Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0

Initial Launch

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