Change Log

Version 1.4.5

Fix – Login page rendering issue when countries loaded asynchronously.
Fix – Fixed dropdown issue with custom form styling.
Fix – Updated empty table messages.
Fix – Google recaptcha rendering issue with form editor.
Fix – Form submission issue with textarea.

Tweak – Showing “Duplicate field” message on form data page when form element names are duplicate.
Tweak – Same important field mark position for all form styles.

Version 1.4.3

Fix – Fixed Add option blank space issue.
Fix – Fixed search form issue on forms listing page.
Fix – Fixed broken form data list table issue when submission content or element label is HTML.
Fix – Preventing HTML content as label in form creation process.
Fix – Fixed email structure issue when content is HTML.
Fix – Fixed form validation error positioning issue.
Fix – Fixed user registration confirmation email issue.
Fix – Fixed checkbox value representation in exported data.

Feature – Now plugin also work perfectly when jscaching is off.
Feature – Showing radio/checkbox label instead of value on form data list page.
Feature – Showing radio/checkbox label instead of value in email.
Feature – Improved plugin performance and stability.

Version 1.4.1

Fix – 99% compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
Fix – Fixed database issue for big form data.
Fix – Stability and minor bug fixes.
Fix – Deleting unlinked files, form data, and form on cron.
Fix – Fixed cloning issue with Field, Row, and Column.
Fix – Fixed save changes click issue on the Preview tab of Create New Form page.
Fix – Synchronized sidebar visibility on Create New Form page.
Fix – Fixed registration form confirmation email issue.
Fix – Fixed width issue with full-page form and form preview.
Fix – Removed bootstrap and added custom styling for templates.

Feature – Added delete submission functionality on the Submissions list page.
Feature – Added bulk actions(Current delete) menu on the Submissions list page.
Feature – For Enrolment Form/Event, unenrolling users from selected courses on submission deletion.
Feature – For Registration Form/Event, suspending user account on submission deletion.
Feature – Added advanced option for Registration Form/Event: Confirm, Suspend, Unsuspend.
Feature – Combined and moved all actions like Enrol/Unenroll, Confirm/Suspend/Unsuspend, Delete, etc. under the User profile column for a better look.
Feature – Improve table styling for Forms and Form Submissions table.
Feature – Export Form data in Excel Sheet format.
Feature – Optimized Forms and Form Submissions listing ajax.
Feature – Optimised Formbuilder and Formviewer js.
Feature – Reduced file size of plugin js.
Feature – On Edwiser Form Activity Create/Edit, Create/Edit form without leaving the page.
Feature – Improved Login, Registration form and render js.
Feature – Allowing users to overwrite form definition with a warning.

Edwiser Forms Pro v1.3.1

Fix – Using moodles limit parameters instead of a query.
Fix – Fixed relative path issue with events upgrade.

Edwiser Forms Activity v1.0.2

Fix – Fixed course uninstallation and activity deletion issue.

Version 1.3.0

Fix – Fixed registration form template.
Fix – Preventing user login after registration.
Fix – Optimized Form actions on the form list.
Fix – Fixed styling in the step navigation.
Fix – Fixed “Allow Data Edit” and “Notify Email” checkbox issue.
Fix – Allowing users to edit preloaded profile inputs.
Fix – Removed services which no longer used. (Fixed undefined services issue on API Documentation page).
Fix – Fixed modal styling for all themes.
Fix – Fixed column and row cloning.
Fix – Fixed misaligned data exporting issue.
Fix – Removed password from exported files and email notification.
Fix – Various optimization and bug fixes in form building.
Fix – Fixed installation and database issues with PostGre and Oracle database.

Feature – Added “Add New Form” and “Form List” link in the sidebar for Admin and Teacher.
Feature – Added Live demo page link in the actions list.
Feature – Added Form Reset and Form Reload functionality.
Feature – Allow users to submit multiple responses in Contact and Support form.
Feature – Preventing users from creating login and registration forms.
Feature – Preloading profile fields in the blank form.
Feature – Improved Form List and Form Data List table styling.
Feature – Added translation form Spanish, German, French, Polish.
Feature – Improved Add New Form page styling.
Feature – Added form definition validator.
Feature – Improved form responsiveness for Mobile devices and container sizing.
Feature – Apply background to form the outer area on the full page.
Feature – Added link to open in full page when the form is rendered using a shortcode.
Feature – Javascript optimization and improvement.
Feature – Added validation for suspended and deleted user accounts.
Feature – Added validation for password expiry of the user.
Feature – You can use Radio box selection in conditional logic like a dropdown.
Feature – Added support for Firefox, Safari, and Edge browser.
Feature – Added page autoscrolling when dragging row/column.

Version 1.0.2

Feature – Edwiser Forms as an activity – The admin can now apply the Edwiser Forms as an activity in a course.
Feature – Forms Scheduling -The Form author can limit the visibility of a form by setting a start date and an end date for that particular form.

Version 1.0.1

Feature – Teachers can access ‘View all Forms’
Feature – Modal visibility (Message that appears after submission of the form) on the course page.
Feature – Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0

Initial Launch

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