Configure as Registration Form [Pro]

You can now use Edwiser Forms as Moodle™’s Sign Up page and Sign In page. Unlike traditional Moodle’s Sign Up form, you can also Embed Conditional Logic in the Registration form. Also, you can enable a condition where the user is enrolled in the course after registration to the Moodle site automatically.

Steps to configure Registration Form in Moodle using Edwiser Forms PRO

  1. Click on Edwiser Forms Tab on the Left Navigation bar OR Go to Site administration -> Plugins -> Edwiser Forms -> Add New Form
  2. In Templates, Choose User Registration Form
  3. Now in the General settings, you will have input fields to add the Form Title and Form Description.
  4. Once the General setting is configured, move to Notification settings. Here you can enable notification email. You can also configure the email template.
  5. Below Notification settings, you will find Confirmation settings where you can configure the confirmation message for successful form submission.
  6. Now navigate to Events settings below the Confirmation settings. Here you can add event conditions where you can enroll users to a certain course after registration to the Moodle site. Once you select the course enrollment form in the events, you will have a drop-down to select which course to be enrolled in after registration. Registration form event has settings. Enable it to receive only user account confirmation email. Disable it to receive both account confirmation and Edwiser Form’s custom confirmation email.
  7. Now in the Fields Tab, you can configure your registration form fields. You can also use conditional logic for drop-down fields. For instance: If the user is a Teacher then it will have the teacher ID field when selected and If the user is a Student then it will have the Student ID field once the value is selected in the dropdown.
  8. Once the form is configured as per your requirement then you can save changes using the button on the right top corner of the page.
  9. You can now embed this registration form in the Login page that you have created using Edwiser Forms PRO. To do so, click on the Live demo button and then copy the link from the address bar. This link should be embedded inside a Link button which you have created in the Login form. The copied link should be added to the address field inside the Link Button.
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