Configure as Login Form [Pro]

Now you can replace the default Login page of Moodle™ with a custom Login page that you can create using Edwiser Forms PRO. You can also embed custom registration page in the Login page so that your users can also use the custom registration page created using Edwiser Forms PRO for user registration.

  1. Click on Edwiser Forms Tab on the Left Navigation bar OR Go to Site administration > Plugins > Edwiser Forms > Add New Form.
  2. In Templates, Choose User Login Form.
  3. Now in the General settings, you will have input fields to add the Form Title and Description.
  4. Once the General setting is configured, move to Notification settings. Here you can enable notification email. You can also configure the email template.
  5. Below Notification settings, you will find Confirmation settings where you can configure the confirmation message for successful form submission.
  6. Now in the fields Tab, you can configure your Login page fields.
  7. You can also embed the registration page below the Sign In form created using Edwiser Forms PRO. To Embed registration page link, click on the HTML elements in the right Side to find Link button.
  8. In the Link Button, add the link of the custom Registration page that you have created using Edwiser Forms PRO. To do so, Click on the Live demo button and then copy the link from the address bar of the registration form and paste it in the address field inside the link Button inside your login form.
  9. Once login page and Registration page is enabled then it will replace the default login page and registration page of Moodle.

To know how to configure Registration form using Edwiser Forms PRO check the Next documentation tab.

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