Woocommerce Integration User Guide

Getting Started with WooCommerce Integration

To start selling synchronized courses using WooCommerce, products will have to be created for courses in the WooCommerce store. This creation of courses as WooCommerce products can be done in any of the following two ways.

  1. By synchronizing courses as products from the Edwiser Bridge settings page.
  2. By associating courses with products from the product page at the back end.

1. Synchronizing Courses as WooCommerce Products from Edwiser Bridge Settings Page

  • Now that the plugin has been installed and the license key has been activated ‘WooCommerce Synchronization Options‘ will be made available to you in the Edwiser Bridge settings section.
  • To access these settings you will have to go to Edwiser Bridge -> Settings ->  Synchronization in the admin menu. Once here, you will be able to see the following settings once you click the ‘Products‘ link.
screenshot leadershipeducationacademy.com 2018.06.19 19 30 13
  • If you check the ‘Create courses as products‘ field and click the ‘Start Synchronization‘ button, all courses synchronized from Moodle™ are created as WooCommerce products.
  • If you check the ‘Update courses as products‘ field and click the ‘Start Synchronization‘ button, all courses that have been previously created as products will be updated.
  • Additionally, the price type of the course is set to ‘Closed‘ and the link of the corresponding WooCommerce product for the course is added to the ‘Optional Link‘ field on the course page.
woocommerce integration course options arrow
  • On checking the ‘Publish Synchronized Products‘ field, the courses that are created as private products will be published on the website and will be available to the end-users.

2. Associating Courses with Products from the WooCommerce Product Page

  • To synchronize courses as products from the WooCommerce product page you will have to go to Products –> Add Product.
  • On the product page, a meta box labeled ‘Product Options‘ has been provided. This meta box contains a ‘Courses‘ field. You can use this field to select the course that you want to associate with this product.
  • The courses field in the meta box is a multiple select boxes which means multiple courses can be bundled together and be sold as a single product using the WooCommerce Integration plugin.
Edit Product ‹ rajiv — WordPress
  • Once the courses that have to be linked with a product have been selected and the necessary changes have been made to the product page it should be published.

Important action lines while configuring a course as WooCommerce Product

In Edwiser Courses:
1) Check if the course price type is set to ‘Closed’.
2) Check if you have added the optional URL ( Optional URL – It is the WooCommerce Product URL of the product that you have created for your Edwiser Course)
3) Courses in the Edwiser Bridge tab should be published (not supposed to be in Draft)

In WooCommerce Products:
1) Check if Virtual and Downloadable is ticked.
2) Check if the course is associated with the Product in the WooCommerce Integration Tab.

And if you are using WordPress Edwiser Bridge 2.2.4 / Moodle Edwiser Bridge 2.2.2 and above, then after configuring the above settings, you may also test the configuration with one click.

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