Woocommerce Integration Checkout

Redirect Users to My Courses from Thank You Page

Users can be redirected to their My Courses page after they purchase a course.

A user will be shown the Thank You Page upon payment completion and they can then be redirected to their list of purchased courses.


One Click Checkout

Users can have One Click Checkout from the single pages. The product will be directly added to their cart.

woo integration

Unenroll Users from Course upon Refund

You can have users to be automatically un-enrolled from a course when they have requested for a refund.

This option is available from the Orders page where you process the refunds.


The important points of reference;

Edwiser solution entirely relies on WooCommerce and the active Payment Gateway for learner’s enrollment.

Edwiser solution does not control the processing status of an order, it is managed by WooCommerce. Wherein WooCommerce will only change the processing status automatically to completed in the following circumstances.

A) Product has been configured as Virtual and Downloadable. (Both the checkboxes should be ticked)

B) On acknowledgment of payment receipt. Hence, orders with card payments are marked completed and users are enrolled instantly and for Bank Transfers and Cheque payments, the order status remains in a processing state wherein it awaits payment confirmation.

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