Buying WooCommerce Product-Courses for someone else.

This function enables buyers to purchase product courses for their families, friends, and colleagues.

How to enable this setting? (Function only available for Edwiser – WooCommerce Integration v2.2.2 and above )

Navigate to WordPress site’s admin dashboard ➜ Edwiser Bridge ➜ Settings ➜ Woo. Integration ➜ WooCommerce My Account Page Settings ➜ Enable Purchase Product For Someone Else.

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Important Reference Points:

  1. The function is only available for a single purchase. Cannot be used for Bulk-Purchases.
  2. The user who purchases the course won’t be enrolled in it, but his WordPress and Moodle user account will be created.
  3. This login information will be emailed to the individual for whom the course has been purchased.
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