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What’s Wrong with Grading in Moodle, and How to Solve it

Moodle, over the years, has established itself as the frontrunner in the eLearning world.

It is known for being versatile and having an immense scope of customization. No surprises then, schools, universities, as well as corporations, use Moodle for training purposes. 

The widespread use of Moodle has ensured that knowledge reaches as many people as possible, unaffected by factors like age, geographic location and so on.

Even though online learning doesn’t involve the continuous presence of a teacher, teachers regularly evaluate their students with quizzes and other assignments. One of the ways to do so is grading quizzes in Moodle.

However, grading quizzes in Moodle is far from being simple and efficient.

Let’s Look at What’s Really Wrong with Grading in Moodle

1) Rugged Flow due to Complex Layouts

When it comes to grading, the user interface Moodle provides isn’t the best you can get. The layout is non-intuitive and difficult to understand. As a result, teachers end up wasting a lot of time in trying to understand the layout, and how grading happens in Moodle.

This could be solved by having a minimalistic interface that is easy to understand and work with. By doing so, teachers would be able to grade faster and better.

2) Less Efficient

Grading in Moodle isn’t a smoothly flowing process. Grading every new question requires a new tab for that question. Moreover, grading even a simple quiz requires a number of clicks, which hampers a smooth grading flow.

For a smooth grading process, a single interface with minimalistic options would help the teachers to speed up their grading process.

3) Inability to Effectively Grade Text Type Questions

Most Quizzes have objective type questions which you can grade automatically. But for quizzes having a few text type questions, there is a need for comparative assessment, which isn’t possible by default.

This is a problem that could be easily solved by having an interface that displays the answers of one common question, for all students in a flow.

4) Lack of Feedback

Teachers often have to invest a lot of time into grading, because of a lack of simplistic layout, as well as a poor user-interface.

As a result, teachers are unable to invest time in communicating effectively with their students and sharing constructive feedback with them. Further, there is also a lack of critical thinking, that prevents students from thinking differently.

With a smart interface, teachers can save a lot of time, and as a result use the saved time to share constructive feedback with students, thereby promoting critical thinking too.

5) The Stress Factor

All of the above adds up to one huge factor of concern – Stress. Too much time being wasted in grading leads to a poor work-life balance. Teachers often feel stressed out and overburdened. As a result, they don’t feel motivated enough to provide constructive feedback or practice critical thinking with their students.

Had there been a supportive interface, teachers could grade a lot more quickly!    

Other than affecting a teacher’s motivation and performance, the inability to share feedback also brings something more concerning to the front. And that is…

Negative Impact on the Student-Teacher Relationship

And this is not something we said.

We had a discussion with multiple teachers across different departments, teaching students of varying age groups. These teachers had the opinion that this was indeed damaging their relationship with students.

With barely any time left with the teacher, they are not in a position to share constructive feedback with their students.

As a result, students often feel left out and stranded, due to a lack of feedback. Unable to identify the areas they could improve in, students also tend to lose interest and drop out.

To add to the damage, a lack of critical thinking stops them from thinking in multiple directions and perspectives. Their growth becomes limited to one dimension, as compared to a 360 growth of someone who is exposed to critical thinking.

Considering how important it was to tackle this issue, we thought why not come up with a solution that could…

Speed Up & Improve Grading on Moodle

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could grade your students faster, while also ensuring you share constructive feedback with your students?  

We at Edwiser decided to work on such a solution, and I’m happy to share with you that now it’s possible. The All-New Edwiser RapidGrader – A Revolution in Grading on Moodle.

Edwiser RapidGrader completely transforms the way you grade in Moodle with its clean and user-friendly grading interface. Other than letting you grade quicker, Edwiser RapidGrader also optimizes the grading process.

With such an awesome solution now around, why not try it for yourself, and see! Take a free demo of Edwiser RapidGrader today!

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