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Edwiser RapidGrader – Save Time & Money While Grading in Moodle

Recently, I talked about how Grading in Moodle could be costing you a lot.

However, this revelation was something that caught a lot of users by surprise.

And why not!

If someone told me out of the blue, that I could be losing out on my time & money while doing something as safe as grading in Moodle, I wouldn’t believe it too.

So before I start off sharing about a possible solution for these problems, let me take you through a quick recap of…

Everything That is Wrong with Grading in Moodle

#1 A Lot of Time Gets Wasted

A Poor User Interface means a lot of time wasted in teachers trying to understand the grading layout. Only once understood, teachers are able to get on with grading answers.

#2 Too Many Clicks – Too Much Time

For every new question you wish to grade, Moodle opens a new tab for you. Juggling through these tabs ends up wasting a lot of a teacher’s time, also being extremely inconvenient.

#3 Overtime!! 🙁

Working Overtime is something we all hate! A complex user interface slows down the grading process. As a result, teachers are forced to work overtime, to get the grading completed.

#4 Teachers Feel Stressed Out

Due to a poor work-life balance, and working overtime, teachers feel stressed out. In their efforts to meet the targets set for them, they start feeling mentally drained, or even worse – fall sick.

Edwiser RapidGrader As A Solution Saves You Time & Money

And we’re not just saying it. We have some facts to back that. 😉

#1 Intuitive User Interface

Worried about understanding how the layout works?

Edwiser RapidGrader has that covered for you.

Coming with an Intuitive User Interface, Edwiser RapidGrader empowers teachers to grade quickly while saving time as well as money.  

#2 Minimalistic Approach

Edwiser RapidGrader comes with a minimalistic layout.

What this means is, you have everything you need to grade your students’ answers, all in one window.

Thus, Edwiser RapidGrader eliminates the huge task of juggling multiple tabs at the same time.

#3 Dynamic Grading

Edwiser RapidGrader enables you to grade essay type questions faster and better!

The “Question-Based Grading” option means you can now grade one question for all students, one at a time.

By helping you do so, Edwiser RapidGrader saves you a lot of time. You can directly jump to the non-graded essay type questions.

#4 Constructive Feedback

As you can see above, Edwiser RapidGrader saves a lot of time teachers spend while grading in Moodle.

An easy-to-share-feedback box only adds the icing on the cake.

Teachers can now utilize the saved time to share constructive feedback with their students and cultivate a habit of critical thinking.

Summing Up

With a user-friendly & smart interface, teachers end up saving a lot of time, which they can now invest in sharing constructive feedback with their students.

All of this saved time only means you can now rationalize the amount you spend on hiring teachers specifically for grading purposes.

Further, your existing teachers now have the time to not just grade quizzes, but also focus on reviewing the course content, among other important course-related activities.

Edwiser RapidGrader truly comes as a boon, for teachers and the management alike. With such a revolutionary solution built just for you, why not take it for a spin!

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