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To me, speed is really about convenience. -Marissa Mayer

Isn’t convenience the most important, for all of us?

Getting to your office without coming across any traffic. Taking a cab instead of a walk when it’s raining out there. Swiping your card at a store instead of paying in cash. Binge-watching in your bed instead of going to the theater.

At some or the other point in life, we all look for convenience. At least I do. 😛

Talking about making things easy, Edwiser has been doing just that, for a long time now.

Edwiser and Convenience

With its first-ever offering Edwiser Bridge, Edwiser made it possible for you to integrate your Moodle™ website with your WordPress, to sell your courses online.

Our zeal for innovation never stopped there. We realized how much of a problem a cluttered Moodle interface was, for you all. Our flagship offering Edwiser RemUI solved this age-old problem and revamped your Moodle completely.

What was next? We noticed the absence of a comprehensive form-builder in Moodle. Moodle by default offered activities like feedback, survey, and so on. But an option to create contact, support, or even subscription forms, was missing.

There was no doubt that forms are integral to the learning process, especially when it comes to improving the student experience.

Here’s what we did about it.

Edwiser is now out with its brand new offering: Edwiser Forms!

Edwiser Forms is your go-to solution for creating simple to advanced forms on Moodle, be it for whatever purpose.

So, What is Edwiser Forms all about? Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you!

Faster form creation with Readymade Templates

Unlike form solutions on Moodle, You wouldn’t have to sit for hours in front of your computer screen, doing complex coding, for creating a simple form.

Edwiser Forms comes with a set of Readymade Templates. Ranging from Contact forms to Survey forms; Edwiser Forms has a template for it all! All of it, at your fingertips.

Let your Form take control with Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is what makes forms – super-forms! You can dynamically show or hide form fields based on the value entered in another field.

With Edwiser Forms, you can include Conditional Logic in your forms. By doing this, you can display a different set of fields, depending on the conditional logic that their inputs correspond to.

Better Workflow with Entry Management

Now, if you’re worried about how to manage all the information you’ll collect through forms, Edwiser Forms has you covered.

The plugin ensures that there isn’t any information overload or a cluttered database.

You can store and manage your data systematically, with its robust entry management system. You can then easily analyze, download and even export the collected data!

Be protected from Spam

So you’re wanting to do a survey. For that, you roll out forms. But the results you get, are far from what you had expected, and far from the anticipated result as well.

There in the distance, you see the spambots having a good time.

Annoying much?

Don’t worry! With the spam protection field in place, you get complete protection against spambots. The data you receive, is 100% genuine always, with Edwiser Forms.

Easy to Embed

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Edwiser Forms comes with Simplicity in everything, guaranteed. You can display the form you create, anywhere on your Moodle Website.

How, you may ask.

Every time you create a form, a short code* is generated. All you’ve to do is use this shortcode on the target page.

By doing this, you can display your form anywhere across your Moodle website.

*a shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [this], that performs a dedicated function on your site. You can place it just about anywhere you’d like, and it will add a specific feature to your page, post, or other content.

File Uploads

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Basic forms like Contact forms do well enough with text field, number field and so on. However, forms like Product Support Request need additional info that includes media and other files.

With Edwiser Forms, your end users can upload files to the form.

The different file types supported include images, videos, hyperlinked text, to name a few.

Ready to Use Form Fields

Edwiser Forms plugin comes with 20+ Ready to Use fields. This ensures you are able to create forms easily and quickly.

Edwiser Forms Moodle

Drag & Drop – Building Forms made Easy!

Yes. You read that right!

Creating forms has never been easier.

With Edwiser Forms, save time and effort with one-of-a-kind Drag & Drop functionality. You can select the fields you need, and drop them at the right places!   

Multi-Page Forms

A decent number of form builders let you create single page forms.

But what if your needs stretch beyond that? What if you need to have multiple pages in your form?

Edwiser Forms comes to the rescue! With this plugin, you can create multi-page forms. This is best fit in scenarios where the form flow depends on conditional logic.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones contribute to more than 50% of Internet Traffic*. Goes without saying, your learners might be accessing your LMS on phone.

To take care of that, we’ve made sure Edwiser Forms is completely mobile responsive.

Edwiser Forms is compatible and fully functional across all mobile devices, irrespective of the screen width or height.


Instant Notifications

Getting updates of new entries immediately after someone fills your form can become a hassle. What if you end up missing out on some entry?

Edwiser Forms lets you receive timely updates of form entries, with instant notifications.

You can also set the notifications as per your preference.  

Translation Ready

There can be instances where your Moodle is not in English. Thus, we’ve made Edwiser Forms Translation Ready.

With Edwiser Forms, you can translate the form fields and labels to any language, or even based on the language of your Moodle website.

Over to You

With so much to offer, Edwiser Forms is certainly the go-to Form builder solution for your Moodle website.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Edwiser Forms Copy Now!


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