How to Disable Emails Sent from Edwiser Bridge

How to Disable Emails Sent from Edwiser Bridge
May 16, 2016 Rajiv Sathian
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Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my friends Hugh (part of GravyForTheBrain), who uses Edwiser Bridge along with its extensions. He put forward an unusual question. He wanted to know if there was an option to disable mails being sent from Edwiser Bridge.

Strange right??!

Certainly. But Hugh had a valid reason.

You see, Edwiser Bridge sends emails to users containing their login details. And the place where Hugh’s business operates, has a law which bars sending login details to users without encryption.

His request stumped us initially because we had never got such requests, asking us to disable mails that were sent from the plugin.

Mails are integral part of a customer experience life cycle on a website. And certainly, they are as important on an online training website.

Initially, our suggestion to Hugh was to override the Edwiser Bridge email templates. But through further conversation, we concluded that this approach wouldn’t work in his case. Here, emails would still be sent to users.

Now, we thought about this issue as a whole. There could be a number of our clients who want to completely disable the emails being sent.

And hence we decided to review our plugin code in order to give a solution to all such scenarios. I must say it took us a good amount of time to zero-in on the solution.

So, if you want to disable the mails being sent from Edwiser Bridge, here’s what you need to do!

Just follow this simple two-step process:

Step #1

Through an FTP client of your choice, go to wp-content > pluginsedwiser-bridge > includes > class-eb.php file

Step #2

In eb.php, comment lines 559 & 560, and save the changes made. This would bypass the email sending mechanism in the Edwiser Bridge plugin.

Do note: You will have to make these changes each time you update the Edwiser Bridge plugin.

For those of you who have such queries, make sure you mail them across to us. Your requirements will surely help us improve our plugins.

Share in the comments section your experience, playing around with Edwiser Bridge, and do come next week to know how Edwiser Bridge could be used for creating an online training website.

Comments (4)

  1. Norbert Nebra 1 year ago


    I am modifying the file “class-eb.php” and I don’t know if the lines 559 & 560 match exactly with the old eb.php, could you tell me the name of the functions to be commented?


    • Nicolás 1 year ago

      Could you finally solve it? I have the same problem and I cant avoid Edwiser sends the email with this solution.


      • Norbert Nebra 11 months ago

        The lines to comment are from 688

  2. Chrysanthi 10 months ago

    I would like to disable emails sent from Edwiser Bridge. I follow the instructions but I can’t find function in the line 559 and 560. Can you help me??

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