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Edwiser Site Monitor - Speed Up Your Moodle Site Performance

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Ever came across a situation where your Moodle™ site was loading slow, and you had no idea why?

This can happen to the best of us.

We log in to our email accounts and our inbox is filled with student complaints about snail-paced loading of courses. But with Moodle, it’s difficult to know the exact cause.

Don’t you wish there was a solution to this problem? That you could identify such issues before they happen?

With Edwiser’s latest offering Edwiser Site Monitor, you can!  

Edwiser Site Monitor is an analysis and diagnostics tool, that helps you monitor your Moodle site’s performance.  

What made us come up with this solution? Let me take you through a recap!

Edwiser Site Monitor – The Thought behind it

It was one of those daily routines of looking up Twitter, and Facebook communities like Moodle Tips & Tricks, when the team observed a common problem.

We came across numerous complaints of Moodle administrators as well as other stakeholders failing to understand why their Moodle site was loading slow.

Across multiple Moodle forum discussions, we observed that administrators failed to identify and debug these issues.

Was it because of a memory overload? Or was it because of too many students using the site simultaneously?

That’s when we sat down and discussed amongst ourselves, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a solution that takes care of the above problems?

That was the start of the journey of Edwiser Site Monitor.  

You might now wonder, how exactly Edwiser Server Monitor helps make your Moodle experience smoother and better. Here’s how:

#1 Centralized Access to everything that matters:

Edwiser Server Monitor

Edwiser Site Monitor comes with a LIVE Usage section. This section displays important parameters about your Moodle site as well as CPU usage.  

The LIVE Usage section segregates usage in three different categories.

  • Green indicates Low usage. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • Yellow indicates Moderate usage. Green would be better, but Yellow is safe too.
  • Red indicates High usage. Alarming signs where your site might load slowly, or even hang while being used.

A notification mail is sent as soon as any of the parameters enter the danger zone. You, as an administrator, can assign a threshold value for the parameters. You can do this by accessing the “Configure this block” section after turning page customization ON.

Edwiser Server Monitor

Now, let’s look at the parameters you can keep a track of.

CPU Usage Percentage:

With CPU Usage percentage, you can determine the usage of your CPU.

As long as the usage stays within the green and yellow zones, you’ve nothing to worry about. However, if the usage enters the red zone, it’s an alarming sign.

You can ensure the usage enters safe zone again, by taking timely corrective actions.

In a normal scenario, your CPU usage can be anywhere between 0 to 100% usage. However, If your CPU usage is between 80 to 100% for a long enough time period, it indicates multiple background processes running, that might end up overheating your CPU.

Memory Usage:

The workload your system can handle is determined by the Memory capacity of your system. This also gives an idea of the swiftness with which your system will function.

With Edwiser Site Monitor, you can check the used memory and total memory capacity here.

It’s a worrying factor if your memory usage enters the Red zone, indicating the possibility of future tasks failing/executing slowly.

Storage Usage:

The available storage space is an important deciding factor of the speed and efficiency of your Moodle site.

You can know and understand the storage space being used, and the space available, with the help of the Storage Usage indicator.

User Section & LIVE Users:

The User section helps you monitor the number of active, suspended as well as deleted users.

This is particularly important in scenarios where a large number of learners log-in to the system at the same time.  

What about the number of users that are currently Live on your Moodle site? The ‘Live Users’ area displays the number of Live users.

Edwiser Site Monitor

#2 Day-wise Stats Monitoring

Edwiser Server Monitor Day-wise Stats Monitoring

Want to know how your Moodle site was performing overnight, or in off-business hours? The “Last 24 Hours usage” section lets you analyze your site performance for any specific day using Edwiser Site Monitor.

You can also view the usage at any moment in time, by hovering over the graph. A tooltip will appear, with the necessary usage information for that moment in time.

You can select the day for which the performance needs to be monitored, using the  ‘Date’ dropdown menu.

#3 All Plugin Access at One Place

Edwiser Server Monitor - Plugins Overview

Theme Credits: Edwiser RemUI

There might come instances where you’d get too caught up in your schedule, and consequently, miss out on updating your site plugins. We all put maintenance tasks on the back burner, you’re not alone 🙂

But this means you’d miss out on an important update or security fix…   

Edwiser Site Monitor’s “Plugins Overview” section lets you keep track of the latest updates related to the plugins installed on your site. In addition to this, you can also easily access a product’s changelog to check details of the latest version.

The “Available updates” section lists down all the plugins that haven’t been updated to their latest versions. You can view these pending updates for both Moodle directory plugins as well as Edwiser Plugins.

The best part? Now you can install any plugin on your Moodle site with a single click.

The Final Word

As a part of the Moodle community, we understand that it takes every bit of effort from all of us to build solutions or share tips that can help improve the Moodle user experience. And Edwiser Site Monitor is our small step in that direction.  

It’s a solution that is built for weeding out all your pain points, right from the very roots.

By displaying all the necessary parameters and usage at one place, Edwiser Site Monitor is clearly built for making your Moodle experience smoother and better.

And who doesn’t want things to get easy and better! 

Get Edwiser Site Monitor NOW!!



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