Edwiser RemUI Card Format for Moodle

Edwiser RemUI Card Format: Features, Best-Fit Courses and More!

With Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin, we opened up the doors of versatility for multiple course formats in Moodle.

This update also saw the introduction of two brand new course Formats: List Format and Card Format.

Simply put, you can now use two Brand New Course Formats via just one plugin.

The List Format lets you display your course topics in the form of collapsible lists. On the other hand, Card Format has all your content neatly stacked on Cards.

Now, just like any grand addition deserves an even more grand introduction, let’s get the party started!

A Moodle Course Format that Displays Your Course Content on Cards!

Perhaps the fanciest addition in this update, Edwiser RemUI Card Format definitely steals the show. Card Format, as the name suggests, displays your topics stacked on multiple cards.

This, in turn, ensures a very sleek ‘look and feel’ of your Course Page. Moreover, you get an option to add an introduction text or brief guidelines for every topic!

Now that you’re aware of the basics of Card Format, let’s answer the all-important questions. Where all does this Format stand-out? With what type of courses will Card Format work the best?  

We’ve listed down a few courses for you. 🙂 But first, let’s show you a glimpse of the course flow for these courses.

Edwiser RemUI Card Format Use Cases

Video Courses

If there’s one course type that’s simply meant to gel well with Edwiser RemUI Card Format, it has to be Video Courses. With every Video catering to just one topic, Card Format proves to be the perfect complement to Video courses.

When a learner completes one of the topics, proceeding ahead isn’t any maze at all. Once done, he can then move on to the next Video topic, thanks to the topics neatly arranged on Cards.

Coding Courses

Edwiser RemUI Card Format is suitable for Coding courses as well.

A step-by-step approach, starting from Topics with simple coding lessons.

As and when your learners successfully complete coding assignments on one Card, they can then proceed to a bit more advanced coding tasks on the successive card.

Card Format makes it very convenient for coding courses that most often involve different levels of difficulty and complexity.

Language Courses

For learners who enroll themselves in Language Learning Courses, Edwiser RemUI Card Format fits really well!

With the topics displayed on their respective cards, it becomes very convenient for the learner.

Once he’s done completing Level 1 of that Language Course, he can then move on to Level 2, and so on.

Summing Up

With the all-new Edwiser RemUI Card Format in the mix, here’s to a lot better and user-friendly course experience.

In the coming time, we’ll continue innovating and coming up with more updates and additional features.

Until next time, keep Moodling with your very own Edwiser RemUI. 🙂

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