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5 Amazing Features of RemUI you probably didn’t know

Edwiser RemUI packs with it a number of useful features for Moodle users. Here are 5 of the most interesting ones…

Quick Messaging

You can converse with your batchmates and colleagues on this seamless messaging feature of RemUI. Solve doubts, ask for course updates, discuss solutions to problems and connect!

RemUI messaging

Upcoming Events

Never fall back on an assignment or be unprepared for an event- the upcoming events calendar keeps you up-to-date for every important occasion.

Upcoming Events RemUI

Quiz Reports

Quiz Reports gives you an informative view of how many enrollees attempted the quiz and how well they fared.

quiz reports remui

Shortcut for Settings

Did you know there existed a shortcut to change settings of your RemUI theme? Check out the image!


Full-Screen Mode

You can activate the Fullscreen Mode to give you a distraction-free studying environment.


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Still not convinced? Check out the demo.

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