6 ways to get started with reporting in Moodle

6 Ways to Get Started with Reporting in Moodle™

If you have an e-learning platform on Moodle™, then you may know how daunting the task of reporting and analytics is. It’s like solving a tough integration math problem! You may not know if you’re right but have to go with it. 

I can imagine you puzzled with all the work, trying to figure out the basics of Moodle. And  I do know this is a lot of work for a Moodler like you who is just starting.

But let’s get this straight! Good reporting makes you a smarter Moodle instructor or admin with a better understanding of what to offer to your learners without making the program repetitive or boring.

You also save some time and can easily focus on making your e-learning platform better than before.

So, we thought why not help you with ways to get started with reporting in Moodle. It isn’t rocket science. If you have prepped your toolset and sorted your priorities and metrics, you’re good to go!

6 Ways to Get Started with Analytics in Moodle™

#1 Events Monitoring

  • With Moodle – The Events Monitoring feature in Moodle allows you to create events and monitor them. By subscribing to the selected events you can get notifications about them. 

For instance, you can get notified when a new course is created or if a student posts or when students make an entry in the glossary or whichever area you want to track (File, Page, Lesson, File, etc.)

  • With Edwiser Reports – In Edwiser Reports you can easily monitor real-time users, and get dashboard-based reporting to know what’s happening on your site in a single view. 

It comes with a configurable dashboard! So you can personalize your dashboard to see the important information first. 

You can also receive notifications via email when a scheduled Moodle report is generated. 

#2 Site-wide reports

  • With Moodle – It is developed to give you a holistic report of your Moodle site to see which areas of the Moodle site have been recently updated. 

Get notified when a particular type of question or a comment is posted on your site. 

You get a display of all your backed-up courses in one place. There are many different reports that serve different purposes and help you with site-wide analysis.

  • With Edwiser Reports –  You can observe daily or weekly learning trends or how your learners use your e-learning site in general to chalk out your future tasks. It helps you decide when to organize an important event on your platform or plan to put your site under maintenance mode based on the number of active learners during the day. 

#3 Overview statistics 

  • With Moodle – With this, you can access various site and course report charts in Moodle. The code has been developed in a way that makes adding more reports easy for you. It also allows you to see the number of unique registered users who accessed the site per day during the last month. And it shows you the number of courses in each category and subcategory. 
  • With Edwiser Reports – You can get a precise overview of your Moodle site with an activity tracking block. It allows you to see some useful details of everyday activities, such as the number of Enrollments, Activity Completion, Registrations, Course Completions, and more.

You can also know the number of learners that logged in during the day.

#4 Engagement Analytics

  • With Moodle – This feature provides you with information about student progress against a range of indicators. It provides details such as feedback on the level of engagement of a student, that is activities that have been identified by current data to know a student’s success in an online course.
  • With Edwiser Reports- You can know which courses are popular among your learners.

You can also track and reflect on the course progress of your learners. The plugin also helps you know the course completion rates on your platform. 

And the best part is, you can even locate your inactive users who have left a course incomplete or learners who don’t regularly engage. The inactive users’ list in the plugin is great to bring them back from the dead.

#5 Graphs

  • With Moodle – In Moodle, the Forum Graph Report analyzes the interactions in a single Forum activity and creates a graph to indicate the interactions at a glance. The nodes in the graph represent users and it has different colors for the instructor and the learner for easy identification. 
  • With Edwiser Reports – It not only comes with pie-charts and graphs that are visually appealing but also simple to pick insights from. The graphs are very easy to understand so that you can quickly interpret and analyze key learning trends on your platform.

#6 Report scheduling

  • With Moodle – In Moodle, you get an option to set up random database queries to act as ad-hoc reports. The reports can be of two types, either scheduled to run automatically or run on-demand. Other users with the right credentials can access a list of queries. It also allows you to download the results in a CSV (Comma-separated values) format. 
  • With Edwiser Reports – You can easily automate reports and receive them in your inbox directly on a daily, weekly basis or a specific day of the week and so on…

You can also get an automated system to schedule your reports. So managing your reports becomes easy plus you can save valuable time.

Final Words

Well, that’s a wrap. By now, it should come as no surprise that if you’re looking for a holistic reporting solution for Moodle; then we suggest you go with a combination of native reporting options and a handy all-in-one reporting tool like Edwiser Reports. This can be a great start! 

But if you think the built-in reporting in Moodle is too complex to handle. You can download Edwiser Reports to experience wholesome reporting without worrying about managing the default reporting system. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Kickstart your reporting by downloading Edwiser Reports now!

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