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How to Enroll Students to Moodle™ Courses Easily

There’s a lot that goes into managing an e-learning course. There’s creating the course content, keeping it updated, marketing the course, and enrolling students.

Although you’re bound to be enthusiastic every time a learner wishes to sign up for your course, enrollment can take up quite a bit of your time and can add to your course management headaches. 

Student Enrollment  in Moodle™ Courses

The process of enrolling a student to a course is about making a particular course’s content available to the student. It’s different as compared to adding a student on your Moodle site (that’s authentication).

Enrolling students to your course can be done in multiple ways on Moodle. The enrollment methods can be added, removed, viewed and even activated by a teacher, using the Enrollment methods link. You can access this either from the gear menu in the nav drawer Participants link, or from the More link in the course gear menu (or in Course administration > Users).

Let’s look at the ways in which you can enroll students to your Moodle courses.

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Moodle Course Enrollment – The Tedious Route

#1 Self-enrollment by Students

Students can self-enroll themselves in a Moodle course. However, this is possible only in courses that don’t have restricted access.

If the situation demands so, you can also set up a key holder role in your Moodle, to manage enrollment keys.

#2 Manual Enrollment by Teachers

Teachers may add students to their course manually from the nav drawer Participants link by clicking ‘Enrolled users’ in the gear menu. If you’re using a theme other than Boost, this can be done by going to Course administration > Users in the Administration block.

#3 Bulk Enrollment  

Bulk Enrollment  of students can be achieved in the following ways:

  • A teacher may enroll several students at once, using Manual Enrollment.
  • In an administrator role, you can enroll students in a course in bulk, with a CSV file.
  • You can also enroll site or category-wide batches of users, using the Cohort Sync enrollment method.

#4 Linked Courses

By using the “Linked Courses” functionality, students who are enrolled in one course can directly get added to a linked course.

The above are some of the ways in which you can enroll students in your courses. But what if I tell you that you can do the same easily without putting in a lot of time?

Yes, it is possible. Here’s how you can…

Moodle Course Enrollment – The Easy Way

Coming up with solutions for Moodle means a lot of our time goes into exploring the LMS. It’s a tedious task even for creating something as basic as a feedback activity in Moodle.

Then there are Google forms, forms on WordPress and so on, which hardly require any time or expertise.

We thought why not try and replicate such an experience for Moodle users too! It would not just save efforts, but also a lot of time!

That’s how Edwiser Forms entered the picture. 

Course Enrollment with Edwiser Forms 101:

What if I tell you that you can create a course enrollment form in just 4 clicks?

Yes, you read that right!

Edwiser Forms makes creating course enrollment forms an extremely easy process. All you’ve to do is click on “Course Enrollment Form” and get started!

Course Enrolment Form in Moodle

Edwiser Forms has been our attempt towards offering a simpler form creation experience in Moodle, that too for FREE!

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Using this plugin, you can enroll students easily in your courses, that too in less than a minute. Even lesser, if you’re fast! 😉

Moreover, you can also create multipurpose forms in your Moodle.

Want to see for yourself? Experience Edwiser Forms today!

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