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There are many cloud hosting services available in the market and every service provider claims to be the number one. As a user, you must understand the difference between an average and a top of the line hosting solution provider.

While an average hosting provider offers you features that every tom dick and harry has, a top notch hosting provider caters to all your concerns in your comfort zone.

To host your website on a top notch hosting service, the modern formula is to have services of a managed cloud hosting provider. Google may display several names of top-notch cloud hosting providers but a name you will see often is Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting platform.

Cloudways is designed to ease out all your server and application related worries as it has every single feature that you ever wanted. Let us glance through some of the prominent features that are offered exclusively by Cloudways.

A Glimpse of Cloudways

A successful brand always interacts with their customer at their level of ease and this is the beauty of Cloudways. The Platform is well designed and well implemented.

Even a low-tech person can get his task done because of the user-friendly interface of the Platform. Additionally, the procedure of signup is as easy as few clicks and it doesn’t require dozens of clicks to get your server started.

Pricing plans are affordable and as like every popular and reputable business, Cloudways always gets you covered with their on time quick and complete customer support.

To explore the Platform further, let us have an in-depth information about some remarkable features of Cloudways.

Features Offered By Cloudways

A Curation of Top Cloud Infrastructures

Cloudways offers a reputable infrastructure and are among the best choices you can go with.

Starting with the AWS (Amazon Web Services), the pioneer of cloud hosting, the platform has DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform live and Vultr too that are most renowned names in the cloud hosting industry.

Other than these choices, Cloudways also offers Kyup, an auto scalable server infrastructure provider that is best for hosting e-commerce or high traffic website.

Numerous ‘One-Click-Install’ Applications

Whether you are a developer, blogger, or you own an agency, you have all the market leading choices at the Cloudways Platform.

Over 11 applications are catered at Cloudways including some of the most popular applications like PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and all of these applications are one click installable.

Additionally, if you want to host your web store at Cloudways, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart are available for you.

Flexible Platform

Cloudways ensures decreased the load time of your website and fast web experience by using the latest caching technologies. Servers are scalable and you just have to click once to add resources to your server.

The platform has separate tabs for managing your server and application thus every element of the platform is designed to save your time and to make every action simple.

Simplified Addons

Whether you want to launch your server or you want to migrate your application, all that you need is just a few clicks. Enabling SSL Certificate on your application was never this easy as it only needs a single click at the Cloudways Platform.

Other than these actions, you can choose your application and server infrastructure with a single click. Following the series of actions, Cloudways’ UI team has definitely simplified actions for everyone.

Try for Free

Cloudways offers a free trial of 3 to 14 days that vary on server infrastructure. By offering a free trial, they make you get to know what type of services you are getting and is it worth your money. In my opinion, it definitely worth it.

ThunderStack powered Caching


The team of cloud engineers at Cloudways made an absolute and on point combination of caching technologies and databases. ThunderStack includes Varnish and Memcached.

The Databases offered include MySQL and MariaDB & Web Servers such as Nginx and Apache. These technologies work simultaneously to extract optimum performance from server and application.

A Safe and Secure Platform

There is a popular term that nothing is secure on the web. Following this term, Cloudways ensures maximum security of your application and server.

You can always enable SSL certificates by “Let’s Encrypt” for free. Additionally, HTTP/2 is also integrated into the platform for fast and secure data communication.

Engaged Customer Support

Another element of excellence in this Platform is its customer support. Their team of engineers are available 24x7x365. A big plus is you will always have human interactive live support.

To further ease you out, CloudwaysBot is always there to assist you on the platform with all the tweaks and upgrades related to server, application and the platform.

Work as a Team

Cloudways offers ‘Team feature’ at the platform where you can add team members and assign them the role you want them to perform.

The feature not only enables you to work together but the feature also enhances your working capacity as you work with your preferred working partner.

To further facilitate you, Github and Slack support are available too so that you can share your code work with your partners.

Priced For All

The pricing plan is justified for the level of performance they provide. The plans are pay as you go where  you only have to pay for what you use. The minimum plan is as low as $7. Quite affordable in my opinion!

Start Experiencing

Launch your server at Cloudways by visiting Once you’re on the main page, click on “Start Free”.

Getting your application online is as simple as these 4 steps.

Step 1. Choose your Application

Choose your application, for example, WordPress. Give a name to your application to make it look distinctive. You also have to name your server and select your project as well.

Select Application

Step 2. Pick your Server

Choose a server that best suits you. Currently, you can choose from five market-leading server infrastructures.

Select Server

Step 3. Scale your Server’s Size

Choose the size of your server since you have an idea how much traffic hits your site.

Select Server Size

Step 4. Locate Your Server

Now select your server’s location. My tip for you is choosing server’s location by keeping your audience’s location in mind. But then again you can use a CDN to make up for that later on.

That’s It!

Keep a close eye on your price, and then click on Launch. Just wait for a few minutes and your server will be live up and running.

Now that you are familiar with some of the features of Cloudways, the real deal for you is try the Platform and experience for yourself the magic of managed cloud hosting platforms.

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