Custom Reports

You can also create custom reports block in the Edwiser Reports Plugin by simply selecting your own parameters or metrics without any hassle in 3 Easy steps.


Navigate to the Reports and Analytics Page > Scroll down and click on “+ Create/Manage Custom Reports Block” and you will redirected to the Custom Reports Block Manage page.

Reports Analytics Dashboard 1

Here you can create and manage your custom Reports.

Custom Reports Block Manage 1


To create a Custom Report:

  • Select the relevant Cohorts and Course Name from the Reports FIlter section
  • Then select User Fields and Course Fields you would like to add in your Custom Report

As you select these Fields a live preview of the Report will be displayed on the Reports Preview section on the left side.


Once you are done with creating a Custom Report click on Create New Report under the Reports Preview Section. Then you will be prompted to enter Report Name, Enable download, Add to Reports Dashboard.

Please make sure you enable Add to Reports Dashboard for the Custom Report to be displayed on the Reports and Analytics Page

You can manage your custom Report created from the Custom Reports List i.e. you can edit, hide and delete the Custom Report.

Tip: By default, the Custom Report position is set to last. To change the position of the block click on customize this page > Click on the cog icon on the Custom Report > Select Edit Block view > Select position for the block. You can also hide blocks on the Reports and Analytics page from here by simply clicking on “Hide Block

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