Easy Refunds

Initiating refunds with Bulk Purchase has never been so easy. We have extra functionality in the Refunds too which will get you excited for sure.

We have introduced Partial and Full Refund functionalities.

You will have to select Partial or Full Refund from the drop-down given for ‘Refund Method’

With Partial Refund, you can now refund the seats which are available in a group for the Group Manager. Suppose you have 10 seats out of which 4 get enrolled. The remaining 6 seats can be refunded with the Partial Refund.

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With Full Refund, you can now, after the refund has been processed, remove the users from the group. The users to whom the refund has been processed are automatically unenrolled from the group too and the subsequent group also gets deleted.

To unenroll users form the group and even delete the group, mark the checkbox ‘To do full refund please tick the checkbox’

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