How to Effortlessly Offer Webinars or Face to face Sessions with Edwiser Bridge

How to Effortlessly Offer Webinars or Face-to-face Sessions with Edwiser Bridge

Online learning is all about convenience. It’s convenient for students to learn as and when they want. And easy for teachers to set up and maintain courses. The pros of having an on-demand learning course are many. 

But then, the question arises, does on-demand, passive learning have the same impact on students as live, face-to-face sessions?

Not always.


Live sessions are just as important as online sessions.

Webinars, live classes, and face-to-face sessions provide students an avenue for active interaction. They can ask questions and accurately understand not just complex topics, but easy ones as well. Live sessions encourage curiosity and engagement with the study topic. They also reinforce concepts to bring in clarity.

Bringing Live, Face-to-Face Classes to Moodle using WordPress

Moodle is ideal when it comes to setting up online, student-driven learning content. But it doesn’t have the right tools to help you offer live lessons. And when it comes to managing them, you certainly need help. Here’s where a supporting platform like WordPress comes into play.

Not only does WordPress help manage live sessions or webinars, but it also offers other advantages too. It’s optimized for search engines, can be used to market your content, and helps sell it too using the ever-popular e-commerce extension – WooCommerce.

But how do you go about setting up WordPress with Moodle? How do you create and sell live lessons? Let’s cover that next.

Connecting Moodle and WordPress using Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge offers the perfect platform to synchronize your Moodle courses onto WordPress and to sell them.

With Edwiser Bridge and its add-ons, now a part of the Edwiser Bridge PRO, you can start selling your courses on WordPress using WooCommerce. The plugin also takes care of maintaining user experience with extensions that offer single sign-on, selective synchronization, and bulk registration.

When it comes to selling live lessons, WordPress becomes the recommended platform. And Edwiser Bridge offers hassle-free integration.

Selling Face-to-Face Lessons or Webinars

A live lesson in Moodle can be set up as a regular activity that’s to be conducted offline. Once that’s done, you can synch the course on to WordPress using options provided by Edwiser Bridge.

  1. Once the course is synced, the webinar or face-to-face session gets added to WordPress.
  2. This course will be visible directly on the ‘Shop’ page so the students can see it along with courses
  3. Students can then choose the live course from the list displayed on the ‘Shop’ page, and purchase it using PayPal
  4. A new student account is created and the student can then be a part of the session.

The good part about handling all of this on WordPress is that you have the entire WordPress ecosystem to make the process even more convenient.

For example, you can

  • Use WooCommerce, to offer students additional payment options
  • Capture pre-enrolment questions using an inquiry plugin 
  • Schedule course purchase availability for the live course and expire it once it’s done
  • Set coupons, discounts, sales to increase purchases

Final Thoughts

When it comes to e-learning, some content is covered best as live sessions. With an all-in-one ecommerce solution like Edwiser Bridge PRO, you can easily market and sell such live courses alongside e-lessons in the easiest way possible. 

Do you have any queries about Edwiser Bridge PRO or selling face-to-face lessons? Get in touch with us in the comments section and we’ll try our best to help. Till then, Happy teaching

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