Importance of Reporting and Grading for Teachers

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Technology and Teaching

Technology is advancing and the younger generation is growing hand in hand with it. Where it fails to be a success is the generation responsible for educating young minds today.

With eLearning finding a firm ground in the education sector worldwide, it is only natural that reporting be an integral part of the entire process of teaching, examining and assessing how much of the “taught” is actually “learnt”.


tech savvy


To integrate a swift reporting system within the peripherals of an institute is a wise solution for the following reasons:

It saves time

Due to the presence of a single portal where all the students can submit their assignments, quizzes and activities, and get graded for the same, mismanagement can be easily taken care of.

Gives a clear and upfront picture

All of student information is visible because of the transparency that reports provide. Teachers and professors are never blindsided in this manner.

Instant Access

Having all reports at one place reduces the effort in finding out facts and figures about various submissions from students over a semester.

Easy Management

If you have students from different classes with different assignments than each other can be easily segregated using a reporting system.

Timely Responses

With automated responses saving manual work, teachers can send messages in a bulk without having to type it repetitively.

Quick Corrections

In case of an error with submission, grading or reporting, corrections can be made instantly.

Our Answer to Today’s Need

With so many possibilities with a reporting feature, RemUI took a step forward and came up with a teacher-centric dashboard in it’s latest version. It’s a simple, zero-fuss feature made for the fairly tech-friendly teachers who are just starting with online teaching.


teacher centric dashboard


It’s a well-thought-out dashboard that lets you see and manage students and their activities with a quick click. For now, we have begun with the more important features and will eventually go all out and remodel the whole theme for Teacher-Centric Learning.


You can see the full functionality of a Teacher Centric Dashboard in our Theme Tour guided by Rem.


Know what else RemUI 3.4 has in store for you.

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