How 4 companies used Moodle for Workplace

How 4 companies used Moodle™ LMS for the best business outcomes

If you think your company cannot thrive in remote space. Think again! Because several companies have successfully switched to 100% virtual work. And they are doing great! Thanks to genius tools such as Moodle™ LMS, Zoom, Evernote, Basecamp, Slack and the list goes on! 

Many of them have cut down costs without cutting the work hours of their employees or slashing their salaries or worse, laying them off. The best part is, some have even managed to give salary hikes and hire more people for remote jobs – REJOICE! ?

The All-Remote Superhero

Forget about the pandemic! GitLab was fully remote with 1300 employees long before Coronavirus happened. It has moved all its operations online since 2014. And it’s still going strong after all these years. 

So, if you’re negative about moving some or all of your workplace tasks into the remote working environment, don’t be! We have some inspiring stories for you 🙂

Lessons from the smart corporate Moodlers 

In this article, you’re about to see a glimpse of real-life examples of how Moodle was used to satisfy the different aspects of corporate Moodlers’ needs. Keep reading to gain more insights. Know how Moodle simplified long-drawn-out processes of different workplaces around the world.

Let’s highlight the success stories! Here we go

#1 Kimolia Art Cafe

Kimolia Cafe in Athens, Greece – a family run business was forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The main challenge was to reopen Kimolia as an online cafe. Another hurdle was to establish a human connection in the online space as there was no room for people to physically assemble, connect, and enjoy themselves.


The goal was to provide the simplest form of entertainment to the local community without losing connection and relevance


The reopening of Kimolia as the FIRST online cafe in Greece was decided to be the fix. It was an ambitious decision but was made possible with the help of the world’s most stable open-source LMS – Moodle 

The Moodle LMS set up by Kimolia supported more than 3000 guest accounts and hundreds of concurrent users. A dedicated server for BigBlueButton (BBB) was configured to facilitate videoconferencing sessions. BBB played a crucial role in helping people come together, connect and have fun. As far as content authoring is concerned, H5P integration made it simpler! A wide range of interactive activities and games were created for users to access every session. The Moodle LMS set up was flexible enough to support different games and events organized for different occasions and celebrations.

The Moodle-based Kimolia Cafe was successful in winning several hearts. The innovative business idea attracted huge media attention from newspapers, radio stations, online news channels, and major TV networks. The hard work paid off and Kimolia’s Moodle site reached 14000 unique visitors in just a month, much to their delight 🙂

Cheers to informal learning, minus location, and erratic weather barriers! Kimolia gives us a lot of hope to go on 🙂 Read more of this interesting story here

#2 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

The  Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is one of Australia’s premier venues for events, exhibitions, and conferences. It hosts more than 1100 events each year, welcoming over 800,000 delegates to a variety of conferences, meetings, gala functions, concerts, and exhibitions. The BCEC team consists of 718 staff including 451 full-time equivalent staff.

Apart from housing extensive art collections, BCEC also runs a sustainable business with a holistic corporate responsibility program. It has won several accolades including a staggering 75 catering awards. For the record, they have a total of 182 awards under their belt. Impressive isn’t it? 


Coming to the major obstacle in the way – The main challenge for BCEC was to improve the effectiveness of their training for staff members. Switching to the blended training approach for better inductions and compliance training formed a major chunk of this challenge.


The primary goal was to ensure ease-of-access to the staff members and helping them with voluntarily fulfilling compliance requirements for various events. The aim was to create an online environment to empower the staff members to take complete charge of their own learning paths.


BCEC’s IT Department hosted an on-premise Moodle LMS to achieve their business goals. Taking the blended training route, the Moodle LMS was equipped with a multi-unit online orientation program for the new employees.  This approach was also extended to training programs of the new hires in many different operational teams.

A mandatory annual compliance refresher training was also created via Moodle. This was to ensure compliance with legislation and industry best practices. With Moodle, it is now easier for facilitators to share resources, communicate, collaborate, and assess staff. Moreover, there has been significant savings through automated activity and course completion, tracking, and reporting

#3 FINCA Impact Finance (FIF)

FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) is a solid network of 20 banks and micro-finance institutions that aim for global financial inclusion. They provide financial services to low-income groups across the world. 


FINCA wanted to convert from a high-cost traditional microfinance model to a hybrid one with improved customer service and reach. But this transformation in the delivery model involved a huge challenge of changing the internal set of practices and streamlining their LMS. The transformation also involved implementing credit scoring/analytics, digitization and mobile technologies to make their financial services more efficient and effective.


The aim was to consolidate all existing LMS platforms for a centralized corporate L&D reporting


A dedicated FINCA Learning Zone (FLZ) replaced all the different LMS that existed across the FINCA network of around 20 subsidiaries. The FLZ hosted online learning content that comprised a total of 720 courses. Upon careful consideration of FINCA’s business requirements, it was evaluated that Moodle LMS perfectly fitted the bill. Therefore, it was an ideal pick to provide blended learning to over 10,000 employees across all their subsidiaries. 

The problem of manual management of user accounts was efficiently resolved by Moodle. This was achieved by integrating Moodle LMS with the organization’s centralized database used to grant employees access to corporate systems.

Moodle’s high score on the customization front was put to good use by FINCA. Each FIF subsidiary was tailored and tweaked to specific needs and learner audiences in terms of language, navigation, and category structure. 

Coming to the highlight of the solution, FINCA also launched a Moodle mobile app for its employees for even better learning outcomes. The idea was to better serve the learning needs of more than 50% of the employees who spend most of their working hours in the field visiting customers. 

To date, FINCA has been successful in issuing 26,827 completion certificates 🙂 Needless to say, the Moodle strategy definitely worked wonders for them.

#4 Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a cybersecurity company based in Massachusetts, USA. The company develops security software to detect malicious behaviour. The software designed also helps prevent malicious files from attacking an organization.


Carbon Black hosted an in-house knowledge management program for sales training. The program was equipped with several educational resources such as presentations, documentations and many other tools. But there was no reliable way to share these resources and keep track of how they were being used by their employees.


The company needed a more effective onboarding process, analytics and reporting to understand how their training resources were utilized. Also, Carbon Black identified the need to have a centralized location for organizing and sharing market knowledge in an easy manner.


After rigorous analysis, the company decided to opt for a fully-managed Moodle LMS. eThink Education, the fastest-growing U.S. based Moodle Partner, was selected to take care of the implementation, hosting, salesforce integration and unlimited consulting from scratch.

The solution consisted of a centralized repository to host all educational resources, training content, and assessments easily shareable in both synchronous and asynchronous environments.

Carbon Black utilized valuable analytics and reporting to track training progress, course completions, and acquired competencies – all thanks to the flexible analytics and reporting tools in Moodle. It was easier for the admins to measure employee engagement levels with accuracy. This was made possible by quizzes, tests, and other assignments for meaningful learning backed by feedback. 

The new system gave the trainers clear insights into the performance of the new employees. They could view their constant progress through training and even understand their strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, it helped the company make better decisions and ensure the new hires perfectly fit into their job roles.

The course catalog set up in Moodle offered a variety of courses that employees could take based on their interests. This ensured all-round professional development along with genuine engagement. 

With Moodle, Carbon Black achieved great results! 

They were able to create role-based learning pathways to provide a more personalized onboarding process. With ten different positions within the Sales Department, each employee received customized, role-specific training.

Final Words

Are you inspired by these stories? Do you have any real-life Moodle-based eLearning and online training lessons from the corporate space to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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